Want to become an air hostess – This guide will take you to your future

Every girl must have thought to become an air hostess once in her life!

Why would not they when this career has an ample amount of opportunity to flying over different countries and live a lavish life? Let me tell you all about how to become an air hostess in India or anywhere in the world.

Well, it seems easy getting into the profession but right physique and beautiful features are not enough for getting into the profession. As this profession is a beautiful dream, it takes many sleepless nights to fulfill that dream.

Air hostess

And the when the dream come true, you are a new personality in yourself. You are now free to fly- not like birds, though, but still free to fly from one place to another, one continent to another, crossing the long stretched green meadows and floating between the cotton-like clouds.

Wow! As dreamy it sounds, it's actually like that and if I just imagine that as a girl (no I am not thinking of getting a transplant), it is really a dream come true. 

So, when you have such a beautiful dream job to make your career, why would you waste your time, thinking of other options.

Just stay put and keep reading; this article shall guide you and take you near to your dream career. 

One by one step to walk through the making step of an air hostess ​

As it is your dream to become an air hostess, you might be aware of the perks which you have being in this career.

Awesome perks of being an air hostess 

  • You feel special- The biggest perk of getting into this career is that you feel special. There  are many girls who have this dream of becoming an air hostess but rarely a few of them achieve it. So, as you become a successfully working air hostess, you feel special and bestowed. 
  • You earn quite well- Once you join as an air hostess, money is never a constraint. You earn well and you spend well; if you have this habit of shopping and flocking money when you are at your favorite destination. Now, you are not a dependent girl anymore, who has to think about 20 bucks before spending. 
  • You are always at different locations- Though there many benefits of being a girl, but what I like the most is that being an air hostess, I could freely visit different countries and cities very frequently. If one morning You are love city, Paris, the other morning you could be in Dubai, watching the Burj Khalifa. Damn, this could be breathtaking. 
  • You get the chance to meet and serve the celebrities- When you are in the profession of an air hostess, you are no less than a celebrity. The reason being- you get the chance to meet one celebrity every freaking day. Oh! Shit! That is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Sir, Good Morning! May I have a selfie with you and on and on!!

Job description of an air hostess- What this job is all about? 

As easy as this job may seem but actually it is not. In fact, if any of you are thinking to join the world of air hostesses, then you would have to be prepared for the coming responsibilities in the near future. And if you successfully pass the whole level of stress and ultimate quality deliverance, then you are one of the best air hostess. 

Responsibilities of an air hostess

  • Greet the passengers -  This is the first and foremost task that you have to perform as an air hostess and it includes greeting the passengers who are supposed to board the plane. Frankly, speaking, this is the first step of your job where you meet and greet variety of people. 
  • Giving away pre-flight briefing - This is one of the works which air hostess has to perform. In this, she has to explain about the plan safety manual and brief about dos and don'ts. This includes the explanation for tying the seat belts, oxygen mask, etc. 
  • Help passengers settle down with comfort - The second task start when the passengers are on-board and are ready to be seated. At that moment, you as an air hostess has to make them comfortable acquire their seat and settle down. You would have to go person by person asking whether they are comfortably seated or not. 
  • Maintain the calm in turbulence - As the plane is in the air, the turbulence is most likely to be seen. But as this is one of the panicked situations, you being the air hostess has  to maintain the cool. Handling the panicked passenger could be quite difficult at a time. 
  • Handling the difficult passenger - As the luck is not always good, the passenger you get might be hard to handle. Well, frankly speaking, I have seen many difficult passengers creating ruckus in flight and hence, I would say that handling those difficult heads is a cumbersome task. So, be prepared if you have the dream. 

Well, do not be afraid of reading the job description as if you are smart, nothing would be tough for you. Also, you would not alone on the plane. There would be many other air hostesses and mail stewards who would be helping you in your task. Therefore, take a chill pill and think of positive benefits which this career brings with. 

Moving on, let us come to the eligibility and other essential requirements to become an air hostess. ​

Air hostess needs to have a pleasant personality. Physical appearance matters more than education. 

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Do you have these eligibility criteria to become an Air Hostess?

The above mentioned quote explains it rightly- the personality of girl is valued more than her education in this field. Therefore, if you are dreaming yourself as an air hostess, make sure you have the perfect body to become so. 

​Tall, slim, and pleasant talk are those features which they look in an air hostess!!

Eligibility criteria to become an air hostess - Air hostess Qualifications

  • You must have completed the senior secondary education or more precisely, 10+2.
  • You might also require to be graduate in hospitality and management because many airlines seek the same. Although, extra qualification would not harm rather than adding in the qualities. 
  • You must have an age between 18 years to 25 years. Above this prescribed age, application will go in vein. 
  • You must have minimum height up to 157.6 centimetres. This is one of the standard for all air hostesses. 
  • Your weight must be in proportion with the height you have. You must have balanced BMI index. 
  • You must be capable of speaking two basic languages, Hindi and English. Else, you could have expertise in other languages too. Knowing more than one language could be an added advantage for you.
  • You must be unmarried while joining as an air hostess.
  • You must have an eye sight 6/6 in both the eyes.   
  • You must have an Indian passport to work as an air hostess. 
  • You must be physically fit with a good health.
  • You must be good personality wise and must have a bit fair complexion. 

These are the mandatory  features which you must have if planning to become an air hostess. Further, we are going to discuss some of the skills which are mandatory in an air hostess. 

You must have these skills as an air hostess

  • Pleasing personality and perfect outer appearance 
  • Pleasant voice to greet everyone nicely
  • Positive attitude to handle things brilliantly
  • Great presence of mind to tackle anything  and everything
  • Capability of speaking multiple languages
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An ample amount of team spirit
  • Flexibility to work in adverse situation in future
  • A great sense of responsibility
  • A outgoing and friendly nature
  • A bit of technical know-how

The right way to start the career of an air hostess - Air hostess Job

To start a career as an air hostess, there are two ways. 

  • Giving away direct interviews at airlines
  • Joining the course of air hostess training

Let us understand both the ways one by one. To start with, let us take first take the point of giving away direct interviews at airlines

​#1.  Giving away direct interviews at airlines

air hostess job

To become an air hostess, the first thing which you can do is to look of upcoming jobs and interviews. The job requirements are available on the portals like Naukri.com, indeed.com, etc. You can search the walk-ins and job here and get prepared for the interviews. 

Let us look into the process of looking for jobs and giving away interviews.

Step by step guideline to prepare for the interview

​When you plan to appear in the interview of a particular airline, what you have start with is looking into credentials. Once you have all the mentioned skills requirement, you can easily crack that. For the further guidance, read further. 

How to start?

  • Apply for the correct job - While you start hunting down the job requirement, you will come along many. But as you want a successful career, make sure your apply for one  which is suitable for you. 
  • Read about the eligibility and requirement - Once you have shortlisted the jobs, make sure you read their r=skill requirement. Once you are through, apply for the ones you liked so far. 
  • Prepare for the interview - Generally, they do not ask hard core questions but as for the first timer, the situation could be tough and perplexing. So, try at least to have some mock sessions before you actually go for the final interview. Be prepared for the PAT (aptitude test), GD (Group dynamics) and PI (Personal interview).
  • Undergo training and incumbent - If you are selected and through all the process, you will be sent for air hostess training. So, nicely clear that tenure and come out as a great air hostess. In the training session, you will be taught about the aircraft safety, rules, emergency training, etc.  

Once you complete the training period, you come out as a working air hostess in the particular airline. 

#2.  ​Joining the air hostess course of air hostess training

​As we discussed the first way of becoming an air hostess, here comes another way. In this, you will explore the process of joining any of the training institute providing a structured course to become an air hostess. After doing the course, you will come out with a complete package of skills and understanding of what a career of air hostess is like. 

Let us start understanding more about this process.

Choosing a course to have either a degree, diploma or certification to become a skilled air hostess​

When you plan to join any institute for any of the certification, diploma and degree, you promise yourself to acquire proper knowledge, skills and expertise so that you come out as a brilliant student who is ready to join as an air hostess. But, as which college, school or institute you join also matters, be sure that you take the proper decision. 

Some popular choices of courses 

There are primarily three selections out of which you can choose the anyone to brag your certification with. All three choices which are explained here have their own importance and hence, depending upon your credibility and the future aspects, you must select one out of those. The brief introduction of the three choices is yet to explain. 

The three choices

  • Degree courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Certification courses
  • Degree courses
  • Diploma courses 
  • Certification courses
  • You can join the certification course after successfully completing the 12th exams.
  • The certification courses offered by various of institutes generally long for 1 year and you could be from any stream to join in the courses.
  • The preferred certificate courses to have a successful air hostess career are Certification in aviation and hospitality services, Certification in Hospitality travel and customer services, Certification in Night Rating and Certification in Air Hostess/ Flight purser. 

So, my dear friends, as you could see that there are ample amount of opportunities to make your way as a successful air hostess. It is just that which opportunity you choose and get succeeded. 

Coming up sections contains the career scope and remuneration. By the way, this is my favorite part because being from a clan which think of  profit before investing,   I would much likely to prefer knowing my career scope to which I am investing my money. Thanks me not for explaining this for you 😛 

#3. Career scope of Air hostess

Every industry preserves some future scope of every career it provides. Similarly, in the case of a career as an Air Hostess, there is a scope of career growth, but that certainly takes time. Once you are fully associated with this industry for more than 10 Years, you are likely to get upgraded from Air hostess to Ground Hostess, Check Hostess and many higher profiles airline related job profiles. 

But as they say that as sow as you reap, the hard work is required. Therefore, you should make sure that you must give your best. 

how to become an air hostess

#4. Monetary Perks of becoming an Air Hostess  - Air hostess Salary

When you join as an Air hostess, what salary, perks you get solely depends upon the airlines you are associated with. For example, say if you are with an International Airline, there is a much likely chance that you are paid quite well. Similarly, if you are associated with any domestic airline, you will be paid well but not equal to an International Airline. 

But this is not a matter to shed tears because in the both scenarios, the perks are great and acceptable. The current salary package for an Air hostess of a domestic airline starts from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 40000 per month. Once you are promoted to senior positions, the scale could touch up To Rs. 75000. 

Coming back to an International Airline, being an Air Hostess would fetch you Rs. 2 Lakh per month. 

Renumeration of air hostess or Air hostess salary in India is pretty impressive. For obvious reason, if you are working for an international airline, you will get much better salary compared to when you are working on domestic flights.

​For beginners or started in domestic airlines,  you might be making 25K to 40K. As you gain more experience then you will be promoted to senior flight attendant and then you can easily make in the range of 50K to 75K per month. The same air hostess salary range for internatonal flghts increases to 50K to 80K for beginners and  80K to 2Lac for senior flight attendants.

air hostess course

Average salary for different airline companies in India: 

Note: The numbers quoted here might not be exact, these were found in the research for this article. 

Airline company

Monthly Salary (Rs/month)











Jet Airways


Salary according to Job category:

Job Category

Annual Salary (Rs/Annum)

Flight Attendant

480,000 - 680,000

Senior Air hostess

550,000 - 830,000

Ground Attendant

500,000 - 730,000

Cabin Crew

500,000 - 700,000

Customer Service Agent

360,000 - 430,000

For more accurate numbers you can check out air hostess salary at glassdoor

#5. Some Interesting facts about being an air hostess

With all the information mentioned above, you must have calculated the pros and cons of pursuing a career as an Air hostess, but you must be aware of fun points which you get to live during the life of an Air Hostess. 

Lastly, to provide you some trivial knowledge and to lighten down you peer pressure of joining which college, let us here learn a few very interesting facts about being an air hostess.  I am damn sure that these interesting points will definitely motivate to get this career a going

The interesting facts about being an air hostess 

  • Air hostess gets to see everything: Wait, wait, wait! There is no need to stress yourself to think what you can see all being an air hostess because I am here to tell you. So, ease down the tension of your forehead and listen. This might be a little bit funny, but being an air hostess, you watch or we can say you have to watch everything right from mothers changing their baby's nappy, mid-flight striptease, bizarre sleeping habits and a lot more. Sometimes, these eye-smashing glimpses could be creepy and sometimes funny. All in all, this I guarantee that you will enjoy hell a lot.
  • There are grooming rules for an air hostess: Your likeliness towards this career could be because of the beautiful attire an air hostess get. The perfect make-up, perfect dressing and perfect grooming. Well, to tell you the story behind the ball, there are very strict and must-to-follow disciplinary actions regarding the grooming of an air hostess. So, the airline with which you would associate could check you for everything that comes in your grooming- do not mind, but the color of your bra also has a different cause. Now that's something weird!!
  • You can fulfill the dream of the world tour: If you are serving an International Flight, there are full chances of touring the whole world. In fact, most of air hostesses must have completed their dream until yet. They must be knowing the best place for shopping, food, wine, adult fun, etc. The list is long and you must unveil the list when you are there as an air hostess. 
  • You might be working with an ex-professional: While you join as an air hostess, you must not take everybody as a fresher. Some of the fellow hostesses could be ex-professionals like teachers, lawyers, etc. So, you could make highly influential friends around. 
  • Every day you play Kaun Banegi air hostess of the flight to so and so destination:  This might seem funny but it is actually not. Getting selected to host a flight is not that easy, especially in the international flights. Many-a-time, before embarking the journey, the air hostesses are asked 2 questions about emergency and medical situations. The correct answer takes the air hostess to flight and the wrong answer ruins her excitement to be on the flight to that certain place (if it is Paris, Dubai or any!)
  • You are allowed to eat, but not gain weight: Well, very precisely if I explain the meaning of this statement, then it would be like you are  at  the best place serving the delicious food but as you cannot put on weight, you cannot put them in your mouth. You can only have that if you are capable of burning what you would eat, otherwise, forget eating the delicious pasta from Spain, and Pizza from Italy and so on. 

Over to you

See, every career has its pros and cons, so does the career of an Air Hostess too. But when it is about chasing your dream, do not let that go. With this article I believe that I have done my part of guiding you. Now it is your turn to prove yourself. 

Hope to hear your success story of becoming an air hostess. ​

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