Banned movies in india – List of Top 20 Bollywood movies banned in india

Indian cinema has never let us down when it comes to movies. Although because of our superb censor board (pun intended) we have a long list of banned movies in india. 

How can we forget the excellent movies like Sholay, Mughal-E-Azam, 3 Idiots, Bahubali, PK and Dangal which has always made us proud of the Indian cinemas.

Banned movies in india

But apart from these entertaining movies, we have another list of movies that never showed up on screen and are few and far between.

These are the one which were ultimately banned by the Censor board due to various reasons like presence of bold scenes, abusive language, religion and Kashmir related issues. And it's quite evident that the Indian society is still not much modernized to accept movies like these.

Banned movies in India - Top 20 Bollywood movies banned in India

So let's make ourselves aware of the films banned in India.

1) Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love (1996) - One of the highest searched banned bollywood movies

Starting off this list of banned movies in india with Kamasutra.

A film produced by Mira Nair which down turned when assessed by the Censor Board. The reason being was the presence of unethical, homosexual and heterosexual content which the Censor Board considered as atrocious for the nation and decided to ban it.

However, the movie was appreciated all over the world. It got nominated for the Golden Seashell Award and was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love (1996)

2) Black Friday (2004) - Another great film in this list of  bollywood banned movies

The director and the writer of the film Anurag Kashyap never knew that this beautifully scripted movie would come into the clutches of the Censor Board.

It was based on the Bombay Bomb Blast which occurred in 1993 on Friday. The Censor Board reprobated the movie because of the disputable storyline, and also the verdict of the event was still pending. It was banned for around two years.

However, after the verdict, it was released and was appraised by all. Also, it won various awards all over the globe.

All's well that ends well.

Black Friday (2004)

3) Bandit Queen (1994) - Fearful film, sadly had to be featured in this list of banned movie in india

Bandit Queen is a Shekar Kapur's movie that depicts the life of the famous dacoit - Phoolan Devi. It is a film that comprises of "sexual content," "abusive language," and "nude scenes" and was sure to raise questions by the Censor Board.

A bold movie like this cannot survive in the Indian Society especially during that period of its release. In fact, the film was denounced by Phoolan Devi herself for not being authentic.

But in spite of facing so much hardship, it was later released and won the National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Hindi as well as the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie and the Best Director.

Bandit Queen (1994)

4) Urf Professor (2000)

Urf Professor also faced a tough time in getting the green signal from the Censor Board. It was a Pankaj Advani's film starring Sharman Joshi, Antara Mali, and Manoj Pahwa.

It is one of the best dark comedy of the Indian Cinema based on a gangster who undertakes to kill people with a Professor who is a habit of buying lottery.

The movie is related to all the chaos that happens on their journey.

Now the point is why it got banned by the Censor Board?

The indecent scenes and the abusive language piqued the Censor Board, and it got banned.

Urf Professor (2000)

5) Unfreedom (2015) - A bold move by bollywood, but couldnt release and became another indian banned movies

A Raj Amit Kumar's thriller film which recently joined this extensive list of banned movies irked the Censor Board because of depicting two taboos in a single movie itself.

It features lesbian love story and Islamic Terrorism and was believed to create a negative impact on the society and may arouse unusual passion among the people of the nation.

It was sure shot to be hit badly by the Censor Board, and the same happened, and it got banned in almost all states of India except a few.

Unfreedom (2015)

6) Inshallah, Football (2010)

It is a documentary about Kashmir boy who aspires to become a famous footballer and decides to travel abroad to make his dream come true but was denied to do so because his dad was a militant.

It came in this list of banned movies because it was related to the sensitive Kashmir issue.

However, the purpose of the film was quite enthralling; it aimed at showcasing the issues that the civilians of Kashmir deal with and which is mostly kept hidden from the sight of other people of the nation.

Inshallah, Football (2010)

7) Fire (1996) - Great performance by shabana, sadly censor board didnt like it and added this to films banned in india

Gay and lesbian relationship are still considered to be a taboo in India then how can we expect this lesbian-themed movie to survive in the 1990s. But still, it survived for three weeks.

A Deepa Mehta's film which talks about a lesbian relationship between two sisters in law in a Hindu family, greeted with criticism in India even after getting approval from the Censor Board.

You must be thinking then why it got banned?

The movie was appraised by everyone for the first three weeks in the Cinema until it was caught by Shiv Sena members who after knowing about the theme of the film started revolting. They even vandalized the theaters, burnt the posters, and an extreme thing that happened was that they even started threatening the leading actresses, Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das and the director, Deepa Mehta.

The revolt ended only when the Censor Board banned the movie.

Fire (1996)

8) The Pink Mirror (2003) - Another classic unreleased movie in india

This movie directed by Sridhar Rangayan tried to portray the concept of trans-sexuality. No doubt this topic was a little ahead of time and was not expected to breeze through the Censor Board's certificate.

It dealt with the story of two transsexual and a gay teenager trying to seduce a straight man.

The movie got an overwhelming response on Film Festival. However, it failed to impress the Censor Board and eventually got banned.

The Pink Mirror (2003)

9) Firaaq (2008) - One of the top 10 banned movie in india. People had high expectations for this film

A Nandita Das's movie which dealt with the real incident: the riots of Gujarat was held off by the Censor Board.

Another addition to banned movies in india, Firaaq was unlucky and got into the bad side of censor board.​

The movie was supposed to harm the sentiments of the Hindus as well as Muslims and was banned.

But however, this dark phase didn't last for long, the movie got released and managed to get critic reviews and awards.

Firaaq (2008)

10) Hawa Aaney Dey (2004)

During the making of the movie, the director didn't have any idea that "Hawa Aaney Dey" would turn into "Criticism Aaney Dey" for him. Although the film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and won many awards internationally, it never got certified by the Censor Board in India.

The storyline of the movie moved around the growing tension between India and Pakistan.

In fact, the Censor Board even agreed to certify the film but only after removing few scenes from it. But the director didn't approve telling because deletion of those scenes would be just as a body without a soul and therefore the movie never released in India.

Hawa Aaney Dey (2004)

11) Paanch (2003)

A thriller film directed by Anurag Kashyap that picturised Joshi Abhyankar serial murder case.

The Censor Board cited that the movie talks about violence, drug abuse and use of insensitive language which would do harm to the people of the nation and so they decided to ban it. Hence we never got a chance to watch it.

Paanch (2003)

12) Aandhi (1975)

"Aandhi" certainly brought "aandhi tufaan" in the life of the director.

The Censor Board approved it at first, but it was not able to escape from the vision of the political parties.

Then why did the political parties banned it?

It happened so because the actress who was playing the lead role resembled Indira Gandhi and in some scenes of the movie she was caught drinking and smoking.However later when the Bhartiya Janta came into power, those scenes were re-shot, and the film was released again.

Aandhi (1975)

13) Sins (2005) - Another case of banned movies in india

This movie too faced the heat of the Censor Board. The film illustrates the story of a priest who gets attracted towards women and builds a sexual relationship with her.

The movie didn't get many appraisals from the Catholics, and they questioned the authenticity of the film.

Also, the Censor Board could not approve a film like "Sins" which consists of nude and indecent scenes.

Sins (2005)

14) Kissa Kursi Ka (1977)

Kissa Kursi Ka got into that "Hot Seat" of questions because it outraged the national leaders of the country during that phase of emergency in the nation. It was a satire on the Indian Politics, specifically Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi.

Not only it got banned, but also the posters and all the evidence of the movie were confiscated and burnt in the Maruti factory, Gurgaon.

In all, 51 objections forced the film to be banned.

Kissa Kursi Ka (1977)

15) Water (2005)

"Water" poured water on the efforts of the director Deepa Mehta and script writer Anurag Kashyap. This movie garnered lot of controversies because of the way it explored the lives of the widows staying in an Ashram of Varanasi.

It faced ban in India because it focussed on the issues like rejection that widows of Indian society face and misogyny.

Many protestors protested against it, and many of them even destructed the sets of the film.

Water (2005)

16) India' Daughter

It is a documentary based upon the Nirbhaya rape case that took place in Delhi on 16th December 2012. It NDTV channel was about to screen it, but later they decided to put a halt on the screening.

I know that because it was a recent infamous event that took place in India so you people must be eager to know that why it got banned?

So the reason was that it incorporated interviews of those rapists and the lawyer who defended the culprits. The offensive remarks and comments made by them were sure to create havoc in the country, and people would have outraged again. So, to restrain the negative response, the documentary never got released by the Censor Board.

India' Daughter

17) Parzania (2005)

Rahul Dholakia created a film like Parzania because he was moved by the past events that took place in Gujarat. It revolves around the story of a Parisian family who lost their only son in a mob frenzy and their battle.

Parzania ought to face pushback from the people of Gujarat, and so it did.

However, the movie got released in other states of India.

Parzania (2005)

18) Garam Hawa (1973)

A movie directed by M.S Sathyu and starring Balraj Sahni faced tough time initially and was not released for eight months because the Censor Board of Certification had a gut feeling that the movie would create a sought of an unhealthy environment and may lead to communal riots.

The film showcased the trauma of Muslim family during the partition of India.

But hopefully, nothing like that happened, after so much struggle it saw the daylight.

Garam Hawa (1973)

19) Gaandu (2010)

Hold on! Don't judge the movie by its name.

This film talks about the life of a protagonist who is called as "Gandu" by others. It is a Bengali rap musical movie shot in black and white.

It was claimed as controversial because of the presence of nude and oral sex scenes.

However, the film still received critical acclaim in Berlin International Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festival. But it was banned in India.

Gaandu (2010)

20) Sholay (1975)

What? How? Why?

I know these questions came up in your mind when you first saw the name of Sholay movie on this list. But cool down because it was only the last scene that was removed from the film.

Even the legendary movie like Sholay also didn't escape from the clench of the political leaders.

In the last scene, shoes containing nails was used by Thakur to destroy the face of Gabbar.

So ultimately the final scene and some of the other scenes of the film had to be re-shot because they were quite violent.

How grateful we are now to the Censor Board for not banning this milestone movie of Indian Cinema.

Sholay (1975)

All these were the oddballs of the Indian Cinema. However, the list doesn't end here. We can easily say that the filmmakers of our country are not given any opportunity to experiment new things and still if they try to come up with some new ideas and concept they are knocked down by either by the Censor Board, Extremists or the political leaders.

And it is the reason that things like lesbian or gay relationship, transgender, etc. are still considered to be taboo.

Token of advice for all the directors and the scriptwriters: "Rejection doesn't mean you aren't good enough, it means the other person failed to notice what u have to offer" - Mark Amend.

I hope you liked this list of banned movies in india. If you did kindly share this article with your friends and help them become more knowledgable. 

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