How to become a software engineer

Looking to build a career as software engineer?

Well then check out this step-by-step guide on how to become a software engineer​ in India and bring a smile on your face.

Software engineers can create magic.

This is not at all an exaggeration but a fact. World’s complex problems now have a simple solution all because of some smart software engineers who wrote some code to solve them. Writing programs in Computer friendly languages is not simple.

You need to understand the intricacies and just like our spoken languages, there is a different list of commands and symbols which you need to learn.

how to become a software engineer in india

How to become a software engineer

Becoming a software engineer in India is more of a social stigma because every parent wishes their kid to be one impressive computer geek who gets job in one of the MNCs at a great payout. But it is not so easy! This process of becoming software engineer needs lot of hard work and dedication. Only ones who are conceptually strong with basics can travel the journey to success.

We have summarized a complete step-by step guide for all you aspiring students which will help you with answers to all your thoughts and queries.

Eligibility Criteria of studying Software Engineering:

  • Having science stream in 12th Class
  • Should be good in English
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Should clear entrance exam like AIEEE, IIT-JEE and other common entrance exams and score well

The admissions are done centrally and by common platform where in top engineering colleges recruit students based on their entrance score, merit and preferences of engineering field.

Once you are eligible for admission, you should know which institutes in India rank in top 10 and which courses are the best trending ones to pursue a bright career.

Top Institutes for Software Engineering as per 2017 survey in India:

Who doesn’t know about Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)? They are like ultimate places for studying for all aspiring engineers. In 2017 also, eight out of top 10 positions are taken by the famous IITs.

1 # IIT, Madras
2 # IIT, Mumbai
3 # IIT, Kharagpur
4 # IIT, Delhi
5 # IIT, Kanpur
6 # IIT, Roorkee
7 # IIT, Guwahati
8 # Anna University, Chennai
9 # Jadavpur University, Kolkata
10 # IIT, Hyderabad

Above information is referred from Hindustan Times and is framed under the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) who judged more than 3300 institutes on 20 parameters.

Courses from which you can choose to build your career as a software engineer:

Being a wide category, software engineering includes lot of courses which focuses on almost every virtual aspect of computing. However before choosing a course: full time or part time, you need to think over your preferences and goals. It all depends on what you personally want to specialize in.

Full-time courses to study computer engineering

These are generally 4-year undergraduate degree which is actually the standard for higher level of education throughout the world. You can earn this bachelor degree at one of the state universities, private universities, central universities and deemed universities. There are overall 550+ institutions currently in India.

Bachelor Degree which you would choose from is as follows:

  • Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech): It is an undergraduate academic degree offered after the successful completion of three to four-year program of studying at any accredited engineering universities or degree level colleges.
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA): It is a three-year graduation degree course which is normally for all those students who wants to learn computer languages and thus want to join any of the reputed software companies.
  • Bachelor in Engineering (BE): It is an undergraduate academic degree which is given to a student after completion of four or five years of studying engineering at one of the accredited universities.

Most of the national level institutes like IITs and NITs provide B.Tech degree to pass outs whereas only few other colleges are allowed to reward their students with B.Tech degree. Rest all other engineering colleges give BE degree to their graduate students. BCA degree doesn’t normally relate to computer engineering. They are more like Computer Science Courses and nothing of engineering.

Part-time courses to study computer engineering

There are endless part-time courses which are available with many reputed computer learning centers as well as colleges. You may choose your specialized field and start learning. Nowadays e-learning is also trending and that can be a great option too. These part-time courses offer only learning and certification for an extra addition to your CV. You cannot call yourself as a computer engineer by undertaking such part time courses. You need to have a degree in computer engineering compulsorily to make your career in this field.

Still some of the trending part-time courses which will help you to enhance your career are as follows:

  • C++ Advance Programming
  • Java Coding
  • Animation and design
  • Photoshop and Coral Draw Software Learning
  • Application Development Courses
  • Software making from scratch courses
  • MS Office training
  • Database management like SQL Server, MySQL Learning

Hence in your interest field, whatever course enhances your knowledge and practical skills, choose that one!

To build your career in software engineering, there are certain requirements. Find them below:

  • Degree Level: Bachelor’s degree should be there. Few employers even prefer candidates with Master’s Degree.
  • Degree field: Mainly Computer Science, Technology, Software engineering or any such related field.
  • Additional Certification: Any voluntary certification would be like an added benefit.
  • Languages: English mainly!
  • Character: A good recommendation from few reputed people from your education and work background!
  • Projects and Internships: Students with good project topics with innovative solutions as well as practical internship experiences are always preferred over others.

STEP-BY-STEP guide for becoming a successful software engineer:

With technology evolving day by day and also becoming a part of our everyday routine, so does the demand of technology professionals is increasing. Hence to make our lives easier, software engineers work hard to find out optimal solutions in form of programs that run on devices. Although self-taught programming and coding skills can help you find a job but formal education is one of the best ways to achieve a satisfying job in this career with better pay and higher designations.

Following is the simplest and straight forward way to become a software engineer:

STEP 1: Earn a degree in software engineering from an accredited university or any related field.

STEP 2: Start learning programming as soon as possible. The more you practice programming, the better engineer you would become. Your programming skills can only yield you a bright future.

STEP 3: You need to be very good at Mathematics. Software engineers need to work on mathematical algorithms and thus make software to function that way. Your math skills would really help you in your journey. Discrete Mathematics is mainly important study area for software engineering.

STEP 4: Building a reliable and appropriate software for a specific purpose. One’s practically made projects and software would be more attractive to employers rather than theoretical knowledge. Hence, one’s ability to convert their learning into actually working software which solves a certain real-life equation can get one quick success.

STEP 5: Look for a good internship in some reputed MNC. If you choose a good MNC or organization 

STEP 6: Find job opportunities! Normally top engineering colleges have good campus placements where most of the deserving candidates get good jobs in their kitty. For others, you can apply online on various jobs providing websites and even connect with college staff for helping you on same.

STEP 7: Always introspect on your goals! If your current job is good but not having much growth factor, then it is better to consider studying master’s degree. Many engineers with masters have good scope of better packages in Silicon Valley than pure bachelor degree souls. Connect with few of your senior engineers in your area of expertise and then take such a step.

Job Description of a Software Engineer:

1. Once you get a job, your life would be like morning 10 AM to 7 PM in workplace. Saturdays and Sundays are off! Hence routine is quite obvious.

2. At workplace, you need to undertake following duties:

  • Generally, software developers need to write computer programs for varied systems like one to allow all computers on network to operate together safely to developing latest software applications for mobile or any moving devices.
  • Hence your job would be to continuously innovate and maintain the working of the company.

3. If you are working in consultancy department of software development companies, then your routine would be interacting with clients and understand their needs. Hence, you would be expected to design a system for them to meet all those specifications. You might even have to maintain or upgrade their developed software as and when required.

4. Being a team member in highly reputed software companies that even cater to international clients would even include traveling to different countries and meeting the client’s representatives. You need to do a lot of homework before you actually start developing software or application for them.

5. Once you get the senior programmer designation, you are actually one blessed person on earth as your job is secure and immediately your respect in the company would rise.

6. In cases where some hacking or emergency is dropped in some client’s website or application, you would be expected to work overnight to solve the situation immediately.

Salary aspect for software engineers:

To have a secured job in this field, you need to have tremendous caliber and knowledge along with apt training. Also skilled developers would enjoy better payouts than many other average software engineers working in same company.

Normally, for beginners who have just started working after graduation, you can expect a salary of 25000 to 30000 INR monthly. These packages keep growing better with number of years you work for the same company. The better you work for the company, bright are your chances of promotion and hence better packages would be offered.

After post-graduation, your salary would start from 45000 K monthly and then depending upon your project experiences and internships, would your salary be decided. Sometimes, company offers better package deals to engineers for working in isolated international locations as they need potential candidates for their regional offices there. Hence, it is you who can decide which way to go and how to design your career.

Opportunities are ample in this field. Which one to choose and which to skip is in your hand! Still everything is directly related to your core skills. You need to be very good at your work to expect a better payout.

Additional Perks which establishes software engineers enjoy:

1. If you are an individual working with a company and doing exceptionally good in offering your skills, then surely company would try to retain you by offering permanent accommodation, car, hiked salary and better training opportunities. Your promotions can lead you to become the head at one of the regional offices of the company.

2. Traveling on company’s expense is one great benefit. For international clients, you might need to travel all around the world and thus live life king size.

3. Companies offer life insurance to its employees and even health care facilities.

4. Better education for children is granted by good companies.

5. Family overall betterment is focused. Sometimes few good ethical companies have a rule of offering good jobs to even spouses of their employees so that a family together can make well living.

6. Annual cultural meets and sports fest are organized where your hobbies and interests get new face.

7. Many good companies have their own gym, swimming pool and other extracurricular facilities offering clubs. You can use them in your routine without bearing any additional charges.

Looking at the additional perks, any young aspirant would become highly ambitious and thus would love to become a good qualified computer engineer!

Competencies and Skills required:

  • You may need to work in variety of programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript etc. Thus strong programming skills are the main basis of any good software engineer.
  • Good Mathematical skills
  • Better understanding of coding
  • Strong analytical mind
  • Great communication skills
  • Patience
  • Excellent knowledge of basic and advanced concepts.
  • Always updated with latest technologies that have come up in market.
  • Should be happy to learn
  • Must be a team player
  • Should have leadership qualities to lead any project when assigned.
  • Good aptitude and domain knowledge

Some role models in India who have actually achieved it big today:

We always say a better India is on its way. But who actually is making India proud? It is the young talent who is inquisitive to become entrepreneurs and thus coming up with brilliance in all fields. They have proved themselves with their out of the box thinking, exceptional leadership qualities and perfection in execution.

Following are India based IT start-ups which are ruling the world now:

Flipkart: Mr Sachin Bansal and Mr Binny Bansal came up with this e-commerce website retailing books initially with only 4,00,000 INR spend while setting up this website. Now their website is valued around 16 billion US dollar.

Paytm: An Indian entrepreneur Vijay Shekhar Sharma born in Aligarh, UP came up with this exceptional website on his own thoughts of struggling with money in pocket. His idea is now worth 120 million dollars. This journey was highly struggling for him but he made to victory.

Snapdeal: Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal came up with an idea of offline couponing business and named it Moneysaver. In 2010, it went online and now there are 2,00,000 sellers which sell around 15 million products on Snapdeal.

Ola: Bhavish who did in Computer Science from IIT, Mumbai wanted to become an entrepreneur. He started on online holiday and tour planning service and then came up with Ola Cabs concepts in 2010. It currently has a value of 5 billion dollars.

Practo: Even field of medicine have shown tremendous growth due to Practo coming in life. This online appointment service helps patients and their family to connect with reputed doctors all around the world and fix up appointments for consultation. Shashank who was a biotechnology student from NIT, Surathkal wanted to simplify healthcare and brought this historical website which is now an app with listings of 15 countries, 2,00,000 doctors, 10,000 hospitals, 8000 diagnostic centers and 4000 wellness centers globally.

Grofers: Everyone is busy today and looks for solutions that help in their work-life balance. Grofers built by Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa is one excellent only e-commerce website which delivers daily grocery to all home in fresh condition from nearby located department stores.

Ankur Aggarwal

All the above inspirational stories from young Indians are truly motivating for all aspiring students. Hence nothing is impossible today unless you set your goals in right direction.

India has great opportunities in the field of Information Technology. Even every sector needs software professionals today and hence the demand is increasing. There is a lot of scope in this area and surely is one great career choice in today’s time.

I hope you like this article on how to become a software engineer in India.

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