Best gifts for girlfriend – Top 20 birthday gifts that will bring the brightest smile on her face

Thank me later when you read this article on best gifts for girlfriend. 🙂

Who doesn't like to receive gifts? Whether it is an ordinary one or an extravagant, it excites us always. Right?

But when it comes to gifts for girlfriend then it doesn't matter that if there is some occasion or not, you will always find them happy receiving gifts and you happier than her in giving a gift :p

However, it is always an arduous task for the guys to decide what gifts are right for their girls. So now no more confusion because here I am with the list of best gifts for girls or girlfriends.

So grab a pen and a paper and start taking notes.

best gifts for girlfriend

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Gifts for Girlfriend - Top 20 best birthday gift for girlfriend

1) Elegant Jewellery

Girls fantasize so much about jewelry that gifting a piece of jewelry to a girl or your girlfriend would never fail.

Ever since ages we have been seeing the endless love that women show for jewelry. And it is a perfect gift because no matter how huge collection they have, they would still don't mind adding some more to their collection 😀

A decent and elegant piece of jewelry like a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a pendant set will always work. Not only she will love it, but also it is quite useful for her to give that fashionable look. Also this could be the best birthday gift for girl.

1- jewellery

2) A smart dress

When you go beyond the level of expectation of girls, they would certainly appreciate it and buying a dress would help you in doing so.

We all know how hard it is for a guy to go beyond all the ordeal and purchase a gift for a girl and when it comes to receiving a dress from a guy Whoaaa.. this will certainly surprise all the girls out there.

So for buying a dress, I would suggest you buy anything that will look smart on her, and she would find comfortable wearing it.

Selecting the right piece could be troublesome, but all your troubles will fade soon when you get to see that bright smile on her face 😉


3) Makeup Goodie

Apart from jewelry girls also love makeup products. So for a beauty obsessed girl, nothing could be better than gifting a makeup goodie or some makeup items. She will love it if she likes doing makeup.

In a makeup goodie, you can add different makeup products like lipstick, compact, eyeshadows, concealer, makeup pouch, etc but make sure all of them are branded.

Deciding what to choose, could be a challenging task because it might happen your girl already has it. But gifting a unique item like a brush tower or a compact mirror cum charger also turns out to be a savior in this case.


4) Buy a ticket for her favorite movie

We all know how much girls love watching a movie. So nothing could be better than gifting her favorite actor's movie ticket, and if it is the first-day-first-show, then it's the icing on the cake.

Buying a ticket for a Shahrukh Khan's film and willingly watch with your girl even when you hate him means a lot to her.

So just surprise her one day with two tickets to make her day or just call her from outside her office and ask for a movie. This cute little movie plan will really work out.


5) Gift a Prynt's phone case

For a tech savvy girl, nothing could be better than gifting a Pryn't phone case. But before that do you want to know that what does Prynt phone case do?

It is an amazingly awesome phone case that will turn your phone into a Polaroid camera and then just click a photo, hit print and boom you will get a hard copy of the picture. Don't you think so she would love clicking picture with that? Yes, she would.

And this could probably be the best gift for her.


6) Customized Gifts

The trend of customized gifts will never become a cliché. And why it would ever become a cliché? After all, there are a variety of options available to us in getting a gift customized.

So you can get a mug, a cushion, a tee, jewelry, a phone cover or anything that you feel like customizing.

Seriously it will make that gifting moment a beautiful moment. It is definitely a gift which would be close to your girl's heart because you would be gifting her lifelong memory.

5 - customized

7) Classy High Heels

We know how much girls are addicted to high heels and especially when she is a party girl then without giving it a thought just buy this one for her. Trust me she is gonna love it.

And this gift is something that a girl least expects from a boy.

Although buying a pair of footwears could be a challenging task because you might not know the size of her footwear.

But if you got the right pair then she would get highly impressed by your observation skills and would be thankful to you every time she wears it.

6 - heels

8) Gift her a course

If she has a passion and is really into it then gift her all the resources required for pursuing the same.

Let us suppose she loves digital marketing and wants to pursue a career in that; then you can probably gift a paid course of Brian Dean or Neil Patel to her. She would be happier than anything else.

Giving her a feeling that you trust her and feel she should follow her dreams would be cherished by her.

These types of gift items show that your relationship has grown to another love where you value each other's dreams and make efforts to make them come true.

7 - course

9) A Handmade Card

Sometimes a handmade card does wonders that an expensive gift doesn't do because the best gift comes from the heart and not the store.

It means a lot when you gift a girl with a handmade card when compared to a lavish gift. So just grab some stationary items and express your feelings in a sweet and simple way.

Designing a handmade card and gifting it has proven to be a formula since ages. I know many of the guys don't like doing it, but this effort from your side in designing a handmade card will be highly appreciated


10) Private Screening and Dinner Date

Searching for best birthday gift for girlfriend? Great, because now no more searching as I am here to give you a fabulous idea. An idea that seems to be quite trendy nowadays and girls prefer it a lot.

What can be more romantic than enjoying private screening over a meal? Right? In this way, you can even get to spend some quality time with her.

And let me tell you, girls prefer spending time with their loved ones.

So just plan it well before the occasion so that everything works out well. You can even get the arrangements done according to your needs.

9 - screening

11) Take her to a theme park

If she is a bit stressed out from her hectic schedule and missing out the required fun in her life then take her to some theme park.

Spend the whole day at some theme park, this will revive her from the busy schedule, and she would feel fresh.

Enjoy different rides, have food, dance to the beat and relish your day to the most.

At the end of the day, you will be left with some great memories. A perfect and best gift for girl of your life.


12) A bouquet of flowers

Flowers seems to be old fashioned, Right? However, this is not the case.

Greet her with a bouquet of flowers before she leaves for work. Flowers with a good fragrance will make her day and will give her positive vibes. And if you don't live nearby then you can order it for her and can attach a love note with it.

Nothing could be more special for her than a lovely morning like this. It is probably the best gift her a girl to start with her day.


13) Adventurous day

If she is a sporty and adventurous soul, then take her for an adventurous day out.

Don't know where to take her that too in Delhi?

Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Motibagh, Shootout Zone in

Chattarpur or Skydiving at Mahendragarh in Narnaul (can put a link of places to visit for couples) could work out well when it comes to spending and adventurous day with your girl.

13 adventure

14) Chocolates

I hardly know any girl who doesn't like eating chocolate.

All the girls out there I am sure you all crave for chocolates at all times. And guys you know what when it comes to winning or melting a girls' heart, chocolates to come to your rescue.

Imagine her eating chocolate and thinking of you on each bite. What can be better than that feeling?

Also, chocolates have proven to be a full mood elevator, so to cheer her up just buy a pack of chocolate.

Although girls love having all kind of chocolates, they mostly prefer Ferrero Rocher. What say, girls?

14 chocolate

15) Smart Fitness Watch

For a fitness freak, no better idea can come to your mind than gifting a smart fitness watch.

A watch that will help her to monitor and track her workouts. Not only this it will also help her to know her heart rate and sleeping pattern.

So its trendy as well as useful because she would be able to maximize every workout to get the best results. It is an ideal gift that will show how much you care for her health and body. This could be a unique gift for your girlfriend.

15 watch

16) Soft toys

We all know that how much girls are attached to soft toys especially those large ones. And when you really can't think of any gift then you can undoubtedly opt for soft toys. It is an ideal gift for a girl when you are too confuse to select a perfect gift.

Because no matter what's the age of the girl, she would always love having lots and lots of stuff toys.

Whenever she sees them the first person that would come in her mind would be you, and I guess this is what you too want. Isn't it? 😉

16 toys

17) Books

If your girlfriend is a bibliophile, buy her couple of novels or books. She would be very grateful to you.

A book lover always loves it when someone gifts them a book. Select the book as well as the author carefully before buying it. You can't make a mistake in this.

What a surprise it would be that while being in office she receives a courier of books. She would literally be awe-struck.

17 books

18) Pet

Now gifting or receiving a pet as a gift is always a priceless gift but you have to be very careful while doing this.

As nourishing a dog requires a lot of determination from your side.

So gift a pet to her only when you think that she could take proper care for it. Timely feeding the pet is one of the main factors.

After considering few things, you are ready to gift a pet. Also select the breed and size of the dog carefully. Generally, girls like small and cute dogs but exceptions are always there.

This could be the best gift for your girlfriend to gift them on some special occasion.

18 pet

19) Cookware

A girl who loves cooking food will most of the time found busy experimenting in the kitchen. So you can consider gifting new cookware so that she can replace the old one with them.

She would really love this gift of yours because it will make her believe that how much you take care of her needs.

And probably you can even gift a recipe book along with that so that she could get a complete package and can enjoy experimenting new things in the kitchen.

19 cookware

20) Web Series

If she loves watching web series or any Bollywood and Hollywood movies then gifting a web series could work out well.

Sometimes girls are too lazy to download their favorite shows and movies. So when they get a pen drive, CD or even all her preferred shows downloaded on her laptop she would feel on cloud nine.

And now anytime she can take some time from her busy schedule and watch those web series. What a budget friendly gift at the time of crises 😀

20 web series

We all have one special lady in our life it can be your mother, girlfriend, best friend or sister and we all know their importance in our lives so gifting them occasionally will keep that spirit in your relationship alive.

And the best thing is that you don't need to buy an expensive gift. Like I mentioned above gifting a handmade card, web series, chocolates, flowers can do wonders. In fact paying attention could be the best gift to make her feel special because the greatest gift you can give to anyone is the gift of attention 🙂

​I hope you liked this list of best gifts for girlfriend. I am sure you will be able to bring that beautiful and precious smile on her face. I know it an can be a struggle (especially for boys) to find a good gift for girlfriend, especially an amazing birthday gift for girlfriend.

If you found a great gift idea then please share this article with your other guy friends as well 🙂

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I hope you got the perfect gift ideas for girls. Do let me know in the comment section below that which one worked out in your case

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