Best out of waste ideas – 20 amazing waste material craft ideas for you

Bring out the creative side in you and use these amazing best out of waste ideas to your advantage. Thank me later πŸ™‚

Before we begin with this topic, I would ask you to roam inside your house and bring out all the things that you don't use anymore and are a waste for you.

I hope you have got quite a handful of them. Now, these are those items with which you have a never ending bond because you don't feel like throwing them. Right?

Don't worry I am not asking to dump them instead I will try to make waste material craft.

best out of waste ideas

Here I am with ultimate best out of waste ideas that you can use either for your projects or gift someone.

Best out of waste ideas - Top 20 best out of waste material craft

1) Make Clock of waste CD

An activity that is ruling the school waste material projects since ages. Isn't it?

I will tell you a quick technique that will not take much of your time and it is the best

So all you have to do is get all those CDs which are now no more useful. Also, you will require the machinery of the clock and for that just get any cheap clock that you have in your house and take off the machine from it.

Now fix the CDs just like the way it is in the picture or you can even opt for some different pattern. Apply the machine as well.

For making it more attractive, you can decorate it or even personalize it using your pictures.

2) Tin Lantern

I am sure we all have those tins which were used during the whitewash, but now they are of no use.

So bring them because we are going to do some art and craft with this waste material.

First of all clean the tin properly, add some water in it and freeze it overnight.

Why Freeze?

Because when you will be making holes in it, the tin will not blend.

Now design a template on a piece of paper, and trace the outline with a marker on the tin.

Get a hammer and punch holes on the tin (Do it carefully).

Finally, remove the ice from the tin and wash it properly with hot water. Paint the tin with any color and any design that you want.

For a handle, make two holes on the opposite sides of the tin, snip a wire and tie it to this hole. Now place a light at the bottom of the tin, and your lamp is ready.

Design it so beautifully that you can even gift them.

3) Paper Cup Bulbs

Have some used paper cups that you used the night before? Don't throw them away and use them in a different way.

Color these cups in which ever color you want, but try using only three colors and let them dry.

Now make a small cross cut at the bottom of the cup.

Why small?

Because it has to hold the bulb and prevent the cup from falling.

Now start placing the bulbs inside these cuts. Switch on the light and see what an interesting look you have given to used paper cups. Seriously, this could be the best craft work with waste material.

So bring them because we are going to do some art and craft with this waste material.

4) Holder via Tennis Ball

Tennis balls get wasted after a particular period and are no more required on the tennis court.

So what can be done with them? Think

We can probably design a holder out of it. Let us see how

Get a waste tennis ball and make a slit on it which will act as a mouth for holding things. Create eyes on a sheet of paper.

Take two pins and pierce the ball along with those eyes that you created.

That's it your holder is ready, use it for hanging keys or holding a pen.

You can give it a beautiful look by designing a hat using a paper cup and placing it over the head of the ball.

5) Stylish Ottoman

How about creating an Ottoman using old car tyres?

Sounds great? Let's do it then.

Get old car tyres from the store room or garage and color them using spray color. Now fix them one above the other just like the way it is shown in the picture.

For the designing part create any pattern on the tyre it can be a flower, an emoji, a fish or a butterfly.

Keep a comfortable sized seat over it, and there you go.

Flaunt it among your friends and enhance the beauty of your room.

6) Home Decor

To decorating your house using the waste material, you will require some used plastic spoons, cardboard, and other stationary items.

Cut the cardboard in a semi-circular shape and create a semi-circle at the center of the base. Bring a designer sheet and do same markings on it as well and finally paste it on the cardboard.

Now color the plastic spoons but make sure that you don't paint the stick of the spoon. Paste spoons in such a way that colors are alternative to each other. Keep pasting and arranging the spoon till it looks similar to the design pattern shown in the picture.

You can also use your design pattern.

7) Pen Stand using Popsicle Sticks

What do you do with the popsicle stick after finishing off with the popsicle? You throw it. Right?

Next time don't throw it away instead try out this amazing DIY trick that I am going to tell you.

Take one stick, place it on the paper and measure its length. Now make a triangle on the sheet with same dimensions.

Now fix the stick on one side of the triangle using glue and similarly fix sticks on 2nd and 3rd sides too.

Keep on repeating it until you get a holder with sufficient depth.

For the base part, squirt some glue on the any of the two sides of the holder and start pasting the stick.

When it dries just cut off the extra part, and you are ready with a self-made pen holder stand. You can showcase this best out of waste ideas in a school competition

8) Vase using Old Newspaper

I am sure we all have loads of old newspaper in our house. Before dumping them, let's try to make best out of waste from newspaper.

Now cut small pieces of this newspaper, basically cut the newspaper into 4 or 5 pieces and fold these pieces into pipes firmly. Paint them in any color you wish and let them dry.

Stick the edges of the pipe properly with glue. To give a base to the vase cut cardboard into a circular shape. Now stick the paper pipes on this base at a proper angle and alignment.

You are now ready with a flower vase made out of old newspaper.

9) Bangle for making Home Decor item

There are metal bangles in our house whose shape gets distorted. Let’s make best out of this waste.

So for creating something that I will teach you for home decor, you will require three bangles.

We will be creating butterfly out of these bangles, and for that, you need to compress the bangle so that it takes the shape of a butterfly.

Now get a nylon cloth and wrap it around the bangle. Stretch the nylon cloth firmly towards the tip of the wing, tie it and cut off the extra part.

Repeat the same steps for all the parts of the butterfly. Now assemble these parts firmly via glue or wire. After this decorate the butterfly using stones or mirrors.

10) Egg Carton Lamp

Now you must be thinking how to make a creative thing from a waste material like an egg carton. Right?

Cut out the cups from the Egg carton and trim the edges so as to give them the appearance of a flower.

Now spray paint on inside and outside of these cups. Create a hole at the base of the flower and push the LED bulb into this hole. Repeat the same steps with all the bulbs and plug in the light.

You will see a long attractive string lit beautifully.

11) Zipper Case

Ever thought of creating a zipper case out of waste plastic water bottle? No?

Let's do it then.

A simple task which can be performed in few minutes.

Take two bottles and cut the top part of each bottle (Cut them according to the size that you need) Now take one bottle and cut the bottom part of it which will work as a cover of the case.

Take the zipper and start gluing one end it to the inside of the bottle. Repeat the same procedure with another side of zipper also.

Just the last thing left is that decorate it the way you want.

Now insert your items in the case and enjoy. Who knew that this waste material art could be so useful.

12) Charger Basket

We all have mobile phones at home, and we understand the importance of charger especially when its battery is dying πŸ˜‰

But it feels irritating when you can't find anything where you can keep the phone while it is charging. Right?

So let's solve this problem.

You must have waste shampoo bottle at your place so get it to utilize it to its best.

Outline on the bottle the way you want your holder should look.

And cut it along the outline. Also cut a curved box shape design from the top and back side of the bottle.

Now cover it with a designer paper or decorate it in whichever way you want.

Tada, your Mobile Charger Basket, is ready.

13) Bird House

You will require milk carton or juice carton for this. Design them the way you want. You can simply paint them, apply glitter or paste bits of paper; the choice is yours.

Now make cut off a rectangular shape from one side of the carton.

Below this rectangular shape cut cross shape where you will be inserting spoon.

Take rectangular shape from the carton which will work as the roof for the bird house and fix it on the top of the birdhouse with hot glue.

Make two holes on top of the roof and attach a sling to it.

Your Birdhouse is now ready to use.

14) Beverage Coaster

Create some cool coasters that you can show off in front of your guests. And the best part is that it's quite easy.

So lets see how we can do it.

Get some old CDs which are of no use to you. Paste a circular sheet on one side of the CD and decorate the other side beautifully with glitter, colorful pens, and design.

Guess what?

Your beverage coasters are ready.

15) Rakhi

Rakhi is approaching and no time is left for you to design a handmade rakhi for your brothers.

So let's work for this Rakhshabandhan mission so that it is best among the rest.

You must have a buckram kept at your place.

Just create any shape out of it. It can be square, circle or oval.

Make two holes on the opposite sides of these shapes and attach a ribbon or some thick string with it.

Now use small beads or mirrors to decorate beautifully.

After completing these steps, you are ready with your Rakhi.

16) Paper Flower

Get all the stationary items, and let's begin with it.

Take a crepe paper and twist it into the shape of a bud. Now fasten this paper around the tip of a craft wire with a thread.

Now draw petals on a white sheet and cut them out. If you want, then you can even color these petals.

Take another yellow colored paper and cut a strip out of it. Make a small and close cuts on one side of this strip.

Now roll the wire with the bud along the yellow strip and when you are done with it paste it with glue.

Also, paste petals around the bud wire. Now you are ready with your paper flower.

Put them into the vase or decorate your house with it.

17) Decorate your walls through quillings

Want to give a different look to walls of your room?

All you require is waste tissue roll, water colors, glue, and scissors.

I have a creative idea for making best out of waste material like tissue roll.

Take tissue roll, press it firmly and cut it according to the thickness you want. Also, paint them in any color you desire.

Assemble all the cut pieces in any pattern that you want. To make sure that they don't fall apart, use paper clips to bind them and when you feel that now they are properly fixed, remove the clips.

And you are done with it.

Design different patterns and decorate your room walls beautifully.

18) Plastic Baskets

Take a long plastic bottle, cut the top part and make small cuts from the top of the bottle.

Pay attention to this step. Take the top of one strand and paste it to the bottom of the third strand. Repeat this process with all the strands. Decorate it using cut pieces of paper or using glitter. And put light weight things into it.

19) Snow Jar Lamp

Place a snow jar lamp on the side table of your bed. For that, you need to search for any transparent jar in your house which is not required anymore.

Create a paste of acrylic glue and salt and smear it on the inside and outside of the jar. Make sure it's adequately covered.

Now place a bulb inside it to use it as a lamp.

20) Heart Showpiece

Heart showpiece to give an excellent look to your room.

Let's begin by cutting a heart shape out of paper. Now trace that same heart on cardboard as well and cut two hearts from it as well.

Now using a glue stick these heart to each other. Make sure the hearts are properly overlapped and then cover it using a red paper.

Cover the sides of the heart using 4-5 layers of red colored paper.

Tie a bead with a string of thread and attach it to the heart.

Take a metal wire and cut it into C shape, also fix it to the base of a lid of any container. Color the wire in any color that you wish.

Finally, tie the string consisting of heart with the C shape wire.

You are ready to place a showpiece anywhere in your house.

Wasn't it great to know how the things that we generally throw away can be so useful to us?

I hope you loved all these best out of waste material ideas and will try them too. Also, you must be happy to know that I have given you the basic concept of designing things out of waste and now you can utilize any of the waste material that you see in your house in a unique way.

Do let me know in the comment section below that which one of the above ideas you tried.

Happy Crafting!!

​I hope you liked these amazing and best out of waste ideas. This waste material craft will help bring the creative side in you. If you found a an idea for craft work with waste material then kindly share it with your friends as well.

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