How to become a cricketer – Make your hobby your profession

Love cricket but have no idea how to become a cricketer? then this article will help you.

We all know that hockey is the national sport of India but fact is that people of India consider cricket as its religion.

More than sport, they celebrate cricket series as a festival. The rouge in people during cricket finale is like any exciting rock show.

The fan following of all handsome cricketers is even more than that of actors or actresses in Bollywood Industry.

how to become a cricketer

Even today, wherever we go from metro cities to villages, kids are found playing cricket in playgrounds and streets. Sometimes some crazy boys play cricket even in garages just out of personal madness. Majority Indian boys aspire to become Sachin Tendulkar once they grow up.

If you are one of them, then dear friend we are here with an ultimate guide for you. Unlike other professions, this profession needs skills more than studying and academics. You need to improve your energy and stamina to gain a momentum to do little extra.

Here, let us focus on all things which you need to know to start as a beginner and turn out to be a master blaster of Cricket.

“This particular profession needs skills developed from childhood!!”

How to become a cricketer in India - The complete guide

What would be your initial struggle like to have a career of a Cricketer?

1. The earlier you start, the better you develop sporty skills. You need to be hard working and athletic. Sportsman spirit is one ultimate necessity here. Every failure should be a learning platform for you.

2. Join any good cricket club in your city where training is given to kids. Slowly and gradually, you would obtain all necessary knowledge about cricket terms and necessary postures.

3. If you would be doing well, then there would be good opportunities like playing in regional level under 13 categories, under 15 categories and under 19 teams. This is one big chance to be noticed and hence get finally chosen for state level cricket teams.

4. You may even apply for playing in special professional clubs and thus play in different leagues. This is the best shortcut for getting chosen in Indian Cricket team. Most of the players for Open State team are chosen in this way. Look for local cricket associations and thus training and practicing with them would take you long way.

5. If you perform good and consistently in state as well as district teams, your chances to be a part of Ranji Trophy matches would increase. It is like one achievement for all aspiring cricketers. Performing good and exceptionally well in Ranji Trophy would surely make your signal green to the national Indian Cricket Team.

Hence struggle initially would be tough. No money gains for a long time till you get noticed and hence get yourself an identity. Many struggles even opt for small jobs as they have to earn to live. This way, being a cricketer is not as simple and idealistic as it looks.

Few cricket players have their birth talent of doing some particular cricket activity exceptionally like fastest bowling, highest sixes, best wicket keeping etc. Such players are having more potential to be chosen as they get their talent recognition among people. Hence their chances are bright if seen from career perspective!

You won’t believe but India has some of the finest and top Cricket Academies for learning professional cricket. Even international coaches come as a part of special trainers in these academies making your cricket playing skills polished.

It is indeed difficult to get into these institutes but if you get your admission then nothing best can happen to you for your career in Cricket.

Top 8 Cricket academies in India along with available courses are as follows:


1. Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar

This academy is a recent initiative by Sir Virender Sehwag himself. He always had a dream of getting Punjab noticed in Cricket and provide best platform for young budding cricketers here. His dream became real in the form of this academy.

This academy has best of faculty and technology for learning cricket. Even you would be happy to meet national and international level players and thus get inspired.

From junior cricket training to properly formed Curriculum for extensive professional training, this academy offers an array of courses for all aspiring candidates. Even summer camps are open for extra practice in holidays.

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2. Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore.

This academy based in Bangalore is nationwide reputed for its devotion to cricket. It is open the whole year round for 365 days. You say KIOC and everyone knows about it. The facilities offered her for learning are great.

Professional Physiotherapists, Projector based learning, expert videos etc are all used for cricket training. After you get linked with KIOC, your dreams can get wings to fly. Even women can enroll and train for cricket to play matches on state and then may be national levels.

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3. National School of Cricket

This one academy is a joint venture of reputed Abhimanyu Cricket Academy and Asian School. There are great names who serve as coaches here to train students in best possible manner.

This institute has high end facilities and supreme infrastructure. Best of technology high-speed bowling machines, pavilions with floodlights facilities for Day and Night Matches, automated roller and grass cutter, updated sports equipment’s, pro- vision for stump-vision cameras and snick-o-meters are some of the states of the art arrangements for the players.

It offers full -time residential course with academics and regular non-residential training courses.

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4. Madan Lal Cricket Academy

Who doesn’t know the legend “Madan Lal”. He is the man behind this academy. His passion for cricket can show up in the infrastructure available here. There are four turf and three cement wickets here.

It is international known and only few candidates get an opportunity to get training here as they believe in quality and not quantity. The lucky ones even enjoy meeting some of the national and international level players along with talking to young cricketers.

This academy provides school like cricket training and candidates surely excel in cricket as career after training here.

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5. Jaipur Cricket Academy

We all know Rajasthan state has given so good cricketers till date and their passion towards this sport is superb. Hence, Jaipur got a cricket training academy in 2010 which was no less than a blessing.

The Sir of Cricket Shamsher Singh inaugurated this academy. This place has excellent environment for cricket training and players who are really devoted to cricket as career get an extraordinary platform to show up and hence excel.

There are special season camps and even off season camps along with individual camps hosted for cricket training. Devender Pal Singh and Mohammad Habib were the coach and additional coach in this academy.

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6. National Cricket Academy, Bangalore

BCCI itself had made this institute cum academy in Bangalore in year of 2000. It is located at the famous Chinnaswammy stadium as the home turf. Many legendary cricketers like Kapil Dev, Ravi Shashtri, etc. have been associated to this academy since it’s made.

Its main aim is to provide world class facilities and great platform for emerging talent in India to get trained and thus make India proud on international standards.

There are also residency facilities for trainees here. There are three different levels of training and you need to be selected in one on basis of your capability.

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7. VB Cricket Academy

This Academy is one of the famous cricket schools of India. Former Indian opening batsman Mr. VB Chandrasekhar had opened this academy in 1997 to train the budding talented cricketers of India.

It is based in Chennai and offers various courses both advanced and basic to different age groups starting from minimum age 6 – 19 years. Fielding, batting and bowling all the aspects are given equal importance here.

Every technique and skill is given attention for each student so that his skills get polished. There are summer training camps also which uses modern coaching methods like the video analyzing sessions and practicing with automatic bowling machines.

All this is a great help for the players. This academy is serving India with some of the best young cricketers of today’s time.

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8. Vengsarkar Cricket Academy

It was founded in 1994 and has now emerged as the most advanced cricket academies of India. Also it has a global outreach as well.

The academy till date has an excellent track record which is exemplified by a large student base that are spread across several countries in the entire world, the academy has set an example of one institute whose commitment is impeccable as well as uncompromising to coaching standards. There is free coaching philosophy as well for needy students which make it worthy enough.

Also it provides advanced training facilities, further development of skill performance to enhance knowledge and develop understanding of this religious gentleman’s game known as cricket.

One unique achievement of this academy is they have made a unique online and Interactive platform for complete cricket fraternity that was launched by Dilip Vengsarkar on 6th of June 2014 as the Cricket Club of India (CCI Mumbai).

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Getting into one of these institutes need great talent and commitment from your end. If you make it there, your career as a professional and famous cricketer will get its first step achieved.

Cricket is a passion which runs in the blood of person who deserves to be a cricketer. It needs a lot of strength. Any simple guy cannot just come and try for professional cricket selection. From young age, your skills should be developed if not in cricket but in over all sporty attitude.

Few points which will enhance your chances to become a bright cricketer in future 

  • You need to be good at all three main aspects of Cricket
  • Fielding
  • Bowling
  • Batting

You may love batting and that’s where you might have inborn talent but to become a professional cricketer, you should have knowledge and good skills of all three.

  • You should be capable of getting noticed and thus forming identity. When you are struggling to be chosen in national cricket team, currently you might be a state level player or under 19 team or may be a franchise team member, make yourself stand out from all by outperforming in matches. This will make your chances bright!
  • Gain all knowledge theoretical and practical about Cricket. Read newspapers and good cricket terms book to get a deep knowledge about cricket and its techniques. 
  • Set your goals. You might dream of becoming a cricketer whose forte would be one particular skill. Start playing in the club for becoming that one goal setter and thus become famous. 
  • Learn more about latest news and board members at BCCI. This is one association of India who maintains the team and manages Indian Cricket Reputation. They look for young talent when needed, so stay updated for next opportunities. 
  • It’s not that only playing would give you good life. You need to earn as well. Start mending money in cricket. If you would be selected, then different matches have different payouts. Playing internationally would make you earn even more. So never look back after getting fame.
  • You should never underestimate the power of cricket. Worship this sport like God as it is no less. This sport has got India so much fame and name compared to other sports. Hence giving full dedication towards it is expected. You should give it complete importance. 
  • You might face situations when you would be under high pressure. Not all days are same. Sometimes in a game, you might become the center of attraction and your performance would decide the game. Hence you need to be that confident and handle the pressure to perform so good that you have a fan following for you then.
  • Challenges are always waiting for cricketers. You might be a public figure. Hence no longer you would have a private life as media would follow you. It is better to be clean and live a good life free from controversies.
  • Live a life free from liquor, smoking or drugs. Any good athlete needs to have control on what he has and what bad habits he needs to avoid. If not taken care off, then your performance level would degrade and hence your cricketer fame would go in no less than time.

To get inspired, you should have a role model. In India, most of us and aspiring cricketers look up to Sir Sachin Tendulkar for their role model. However, to become Sachin you need a lot of talent and even more than that patience in life. He says “When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones”. That’s the spirit you need to develop.

Inspiring stories about our beloved Cricketers:

The fastest bowler Umesh Yadav was as son of a coal miner and his father had no money to make him study beyond 12th. His passion drove him to Cricket and now he was bought by Delhi Daredevils for 30000$.

Umesh Yadav
Right Arm Fast Bowler

Famous spin bowler Akila Dananjaya brought all the odds out and once who collected thrown tennis bowls on cricket ground in midnight have now become a world renowned cricketer and Godfather for all his villagers.

Akila Dananjaya
Spin Bowler

Mohammad Azruddin who became the heart throb of the nation now was once a child with no professional cricket training. It was his madness and inborn talent that brought to consecutive 100s in cricket matches.

Mohammad Azruddin
Middle Order Batsman

M S Dhoni, son of a stadium care taker had no money for himself besides education. In railway quota, he got a job at a railway station but he ran from there and performed greatly in Ranji where he got his identity and finally chosen in Indian Team. After a lot of efforts and hard work, his talent was shown and now he is one of the biggest cricket celebrities. Even a movie depicting his life struggle has come recently.

M S Dhoni
Middle Order Batsman & Indian Cricket Team Captain

Ravindra Jadeja was the son of a watchman. He was not born with a silver spoon. His struggle was indeed very tough but he had control over his emotions and kept trying. This man has actually worked hard to make his own identity and now every Indian whether old or young knows his name. So nothing is impossible unless you are determined.

Ravindra Jadeja
Middle Order Batsman & Slow-arm left hand orthodox bowler

Nothing is tough, if you once get determined

Every individual has his own way of presenting himself on the field. Think about your dream when a huge stadium would be full of people shouting for you and encouraging you, that’s where you need to perform well. All your tensions and stress keep aside and simply focus on good training. Eat well, Sleep well and Practice, Practice and Practice Cricket! That’s the main cut.

There would be days when sun doesn’t shine bright for you and life pushes you to lose hope in Cricket as a career. But never ever leave training. You never know what you deserve would suddenly be knocking your door. So believe in Cricket and trust me Cricket will believe you in return. Think about what Sachin Tendulkar said Enjoy the Game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true!

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