How to become a hacker? Here is your easy way out

Be The Hacker: Know How To Juggle Up Any Online System In Minutes!!!

A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to become a hacker.

The first thing that comes to our mind after hearing word hacker is a stylish Hollywood film where a team is trying to steal something very important and this robbery is the base of the film.

The best example of such films is Fast and Furious series. In these kinds of technological films one member who is the backbone of the team is a smart and well-equipped computer savvy technocrat guy or we can also say Hacker.

how to become a hacker

how to become a hacker how to learn hacking?

Now, the question keeps bothering the mind as who is a hacker (Definition kya hai?).

A hacker is basically a skilled computer expert who uses his technical knowledge to counter any technical problem. In general terms, a hacker is referred to any computer programmer, associated with the "security hacking" things who uses the bugs to break into the computer systems.

The cool and technological introduction of hackers in films puts this field in demand. A large number of young population is now looking out ways to become a hacker, but the problem is they don’t know how to become the master of this field. We are not saying it is an easy task because to be the hacker but impossible is nothing.

Through the article we are trying to make you understand that how to become a Hacker by earning expertise in Computer systems.

But prior to that the big question arises why to choose that career as before entering into somewhere knowing every pros and cons about the field is kind of a prime duty.

Why should you choose a career of a Hacker?

There exists a large population in the world who thinks a hacker is a criminal, but it is not true as in the real life, hacker is hired by big companies for protecting any kind of important information and minimizing the potential damage. This is the prime reason why you should choose to become a hacker. It adds moral responsibility with a challenge and pays packages to your kitty.

If we look deeper, then the act of hacking is being over curious and outwitting authority. As a legitimate hacker, you should know how to breach authoritarian rules, secrecy and the censorship, but till knowing up to which extent you  make a morally responsible citizen too. Deception is one another arsenal in your side kick which will allow you to duck the vigilant eyes of the authorities.

Like I told you above that it is not at all an easy task to learn hacking and to become a successful hacker. To become a hacker, you need to have curiosity and that constant attitude of mining ways to understand the technical aspects to control any type of software. And if you think of where to get that attitude of an hacker then the answer is very simple- "to follow any written journal or can say the hacking pdf and it will teach you the right attitude of any hacker."

"Nurturing the attitude of a hacker is more about developing the competence in software tools rather than having any stereotypical attitude."

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A Moral Check 

"One thing you should know for sure is that the act of stealing or doing harm to anything through your skills is not hacking. Such kinds of people are not known as the hackers instead commonly called as crackers in the community. They are crackers who are involved in all kinds of illegal activities and we will never invite you through the article to get involved into these defamatory illegal activities."

Become a Hacker not a Cracker!!!​

​So, after the moral check a boost to your willingness, let me show you some more perks of becoming a Hacker. I bet you would be hell interested in the end to become a successful hacker. Watch out for benefits, courses, and other aspects during the journey of becoming of a hacker!!

Perks of becoming a Hacker

You will not be interested in any course if it is not beneficial for you at all. So, here, I have compiled some of the benefits of becoming a hacker. 

1 # It will connect you to the community of doers and inventors: 

This would start at the time when you will start thinking about what is possible. If in any case you had the opportunity to befriend the great Thomas Edison, would you do it? Of course, anyone would! The smart women and men in all these collective spaces, are somehow young and old, are the Thomas Edison of our time. You have to find each one of them and go to them as they will not be hanging around in your chamber of commerce. As a Hacker you can connect you with the personalities of the area you want to meet. Even you can be the member of the online hacker’s club. And it is quite easy through your backhand capabilities. Don’t worry, it is not illegal to hack into schedule roughly. Most of the hackers are doing the same in legal ways.

2 # You will be a complete  package of knowledge in computer hardware and software field: 

Getting tag of hacker means you have earned great expertise in computer hardware and software world both. One of the major reason for that is someone who knows almost all the trending computer languages in the market and also has the above average computer hardware and its peripheral knowledge is able to hack anything. Even for hacking the in-depth knowledge of minor to minor information is necessary for its field and the best way to achieve it is hacking books. So choosing to become hacker makes you a genius of the internet world.

​3 # You get a lot of professional benefit as you make a good career in IT field: 

The professional benefit  that you get is,  "you can work in any profile of Software Company because you are now the master of IT Field. You could be hired as a hacker in security network systems, but switching the field is your choice because no employer will deny your request due to ample of knowledge you are carrying with you. Even higher salary is also one of the biggest prospects of choosing the position of Hacker in a career.

How much you can earn as a hacker?

Like any other profession, the earning directly depends upon experience level. But unlike any other average profession, the starting package of hacker is very high. In any big and reputed multinational company, at an initial level, a hacker can get a kick start with a package of 6- 12 Lakh rupees per annum. In case you choose to handle work as per the case to case in the freelance environment you can make money up to 25 Lakh on every project. So, the choice is yours as, how you want to start your career. The suggestion is to be a full-time professional, but later on with better market contacts switch over to Freelancer.

Eligibility and the process of becoming a hacker 

​In here, I have bifurcated the whole in different levels. The level includes-

  • Educational Qualification
  • Langauges to be learned
  • Mastering operating systems
  • Mastering networking and cryptography
  • Practise, Practise and Practise

Educational Qualification

There are no such educational requirements to become a hacker but if you are a graduate in computer science or IT, it will give you a better outflow. In fact, interested students can even start their career of becoming a hacker just after completing their intermediate. Initially, they can start  by taking interest in various computer programming courses.

But the practical knowledge while doing such courses is also necessary. Therefore, while learning the hacking, you should make sure that you keep practicing it.

As far as practicing is considered, you must keep it in your mind that ethical hacking is your future. You can learn more about ethical hacking from ethical hacking tutorials available on the internet. 

Languages to be learned 

# C 

C programming is known as one of the most influential languages in the computer programming. It is necessary for any hacker to put up command and start initially.  The biggest advantage  of this user-friendly programming language is that C programming fundamentally helps you in dividing the task into manageable smaller pieces and these pieces later on can be expressed through the sequence of commands and assessing the logic through practicing is the most common fundamental to learn hacking fast.

Learning C language is not that tough task and to ease you pain, there are numerous free C Programming tutorials available on the world wide web. Despite tutorials, there are many ebooks on C programming language, thoroughly.

Note: Practical compilation of all the programs you made for your own is as important as the reading book.


Java as the second language is one of the most renowned computer programming languages. One of the big reasons for using this language is that it is very secure. Knowing the Java security model in detail will make you empowered with the security issues in any program. Further, in the line, you can learn about the security loopholes in the Java language and its related frameworks.

Note: JAVA is good for hacking, but certainly not the best. So, you can start with this language, but certainly have a long way to go!! ​


HTML is the simplest markup language based on the platform. Over this language, all kinds of web pages are designed, created and displayed. All web browsers read the HTML code for displaying the web pages and hence, to tackle issues related to web pages and perform ethical hacking on web pages, this language would be a must. 

​Note: if you do not know anything in hacking, learn HTML first; it will pave half of the way for you.

# Python

The simplicity and quick turnaround make Python a suitable language to learn a become hacker. Although it is a high level language but it is easy to write code with. The best part of this langauge is, "it is master to create exploits  and tools to perform hacking (Ethical hacking, I would conclude!!)."

Note: Python is a good language for hacking if you are an expert of this language!! It will help you create exploits required to hack any website or software you desire to hack!

With these four languages, you can also try your hands with other languages like Pearl, SQL, RUBY, PHP and XML. But you must steer clear of the fact that, only a single language could make you a master in the field of ethical hacking if you learn and practice it with all your heart. 

Mastering Operating Systems 

If, as a hacker, you desire to hack Kernel then you will have to become a pro-learner of operating systems. The different operating systems could pose different issues while hacking the Kernel and hence, you should at least have basic knowledge of different operating systems available in the market. 

But, if you feel that you should start slowly and steadily then you can start with UNIX. ​


Developed by employees of AT&T, UNIX is a computer operating system with features like multi-user compatibility and multi-tasking. This operating system was developed to provide security to the system and if you are well versed with UNIX, you cannot be a pro Internet Hacker. 

During the course of understanding UNIX, you might require some quick and essential commands in UNIX to mug up and practice hard. ​These command will make you a pro in operating UNIX. 

Note: Learning UNIX alone will not fetch your dreams of  becoming a hacker. You must further add into the knowledge by learning other operating systems like Microsoft, iOS, etc. Once you will be well aware of the weaknesses of these operating systems, you would be able to easily hack these. 

Mastering Networking and Cryptography

​In the path to become a hacker, we have just covered three essential parameters including educational qualification, important languages and the importance of operating systems. Now, the Fourth-most important aspects that make a successful hacker are Networking and Cryptography. If you have command over these two, you are a hacker at your level. For those who do not understand the importance of learning networking and cryptography, here is a small guide. 

# Networking ​

Aiming to become a pro hacker brings the need of proper understanding of networking concepts and their working. As a to-be hacker, you must know the peculiarities of creation of networks, differences between different networks like Subnet, LAN, WAN, VPN, etc. and a clear understanding of protocols like TCP/IP and UDP. But these are enough to go; you also need a proper understanding of web servers and network scanning tools. For start-up, you can go with Nmap (network scanning tool) and Apache Httpd (web server). Once you are well-understood of the mentioned requirements by me, you are not far to become a pro hacker.

​# Cryptography

You have learned languages, you have learned networking and you think that you have enough knowledge to start with then you are wrong- you still need a proper understanding of cryptography. Cryptography is all about technology of encryption and de-encryption that is used for secured communication. So, if you are working for an intelligence body to track a group of bad boys planning to harm the nation, this technology is going to help you a lot. So, if you are planning to become an expert hacker then you must be well-versed with SSL certificates that makes the backbone of cryptography. By leaning this technology, you will learn to crack password from a cypher text.

Practise, Practise and Practise 

You are an expert hacker or not depends upon the hard work you would do while practicing and experimenting as a newbie hacker. If you need success, you will need to set up a laboratory to practice and experiment new ways to perform hacking.

The lab that you would set up can be a simple lab having some computers and hardware required for ethical hacking. If you do not have that much money for the same build-up, then you can simply start with your computer.

While practicing and experimenting, you will learn to rectify your errors and soon, you would be able to become a pro hacker of all the time. The essential software for practicing hacking is Oracle VirtualBox.

The whole set-up will require at least 3GB RAM and a speedy processor. You can also take guidance with hacking tutorials pdf that are available online for better understanding.

Courses and Certifications to become a hacker

If you seek some specific course for ethical hacking, then you are choosing a wrong way. There is no defined curriculum to become an ethical hacker but yes, there are short term certification courses available in the market to add to your hacking skills.

Some of the popular certifications are-

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • The Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

These are internationally acclaimed certification courses for hacking and you might need to travel abroad to acquire these. But if you which to stay in India and learn ethical hacking then, there are many Indian institutes also which are offering certifications in Ethical Hacking.

The self-starters can break the whole learning into modules of basics of hacking. They can start with programming and can further go with networking and encryption.

Career Scope of an ethical hacker 

Discussing the career scope of a hacker, I would like to break it into two parts-

  • Career in private sectors: Hackers are always in demand in private institutions and currently, MNCs like Infosys, Wipro, etc. are paying a good amount to the skill-heads. With a pro-hacker degree, you can join these MNCs and work for their security. Recently, bug hunting has also become a latest fad among these companies which can make you earn lakhs in one go.
  • Career in government sector: With technology taking a giant leap, hacking has become more of a safety tool that exploiter. If a hacker is well-versed and smart enough of underrating the crackers and unethical exploiters, he could be an essential asset for government organizations requiring immense of security. So, if you are a pro-hacker then you can utilize your skills to qualify for the jobs like Network Security Administrator, Application Security Tester, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Application Security Officer. The government job will bring great perks and future security.

Tips to become a hacker 

  • Make yourself the master of reverse engineering because it helps you in tracing the malware.
  • Along with all these knowledge work upon your intangible skills like Creativity, persistence, and problem-solving approach
  • Make yourself well aware of the qualities of finding vulnerabilities in each and every platform you are working on.
  • While performing the experiments, you must keep the backup of every experiment you would perform.
  • When you are performing repetitive task, then find ways of running it on automatic modes.
  • Always start with small modules and perform quick check-up so that you know the output.
  • While performing the hacking practices, make sure you know where to stop.
  • Hacking is the process where every step might teach you something and hence, prepare documentation of every step you would perform.

Other tips to admire while becoming a pro-hacker

1 # Read books of expert hackers: You can learn things from your own, but if you a person to guide, the journey becomes too easy to complete. So, for better guidance and a clear understanding, refer to expert hackers. You can get the guidance by reading their e-books and journals. Once an expert, always an expert!!! The chosen experts will definitely teach you the Art Of Exploitation- Hacking!!

2 # Participate in Hackathons: You know nothing of you do not showcase it to the world. So, to get the confidence that you are a pro-hacker, get your skills tested at Hackathons and hacking compaction being organized nationwide. You can even upgrade the level to international platform. Some latest Hackathons of 2017 are mentione here on this link. You can try your skills over here. 

3 # Become a vulnerability coder: Vulnerability as per its meaning depicts weakness and in hacking, it is the weakness of program. If you learn coding vulnerability of an existing program, you will be capable of safely hacking it. Some of the vulnerability programs are input validation errors, memory safety validations, etc. You can further share these vulnerability hacks with other amateur hackers.

4 # Never stop learning: Hacking is a process in which every single practice and improvisation could make you learn something new. Hence, never stop learning if you are a hacker. Keep your curiosity at peak and keep learning whatever comes in your way. Sources which can help you in this learning process are online IKEA blogs, hacker platforms, etc.

It is your turn now!!

I hope this information is enough to provide you an exact pathway about what one needs to study to achieve the intermediate level of hacking. But if you follow each and every instruction written above then your practice will make you master hacker someday, definitely. 

I hope you liked this article on how to become a hacker, if you did kindly share it with your friends as well.​


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