How to become a model: A guide to pave your path for name and fame in the modeling industry!

A complete step-by-step guide on how to become a model.

When was kid, you would have flaunt your sexy curves while doing the sizzling cat walk! May be on the famous song from Fashion Movie- "Jalwa!"

Yeah, you are right! I am talking about the same song in which Kangana looked beautiful than ever and her attitude even overshadowed the acting and stardom of Priyanka Chopra. ​

whoa! Boys and Girls! Come out of the daydream and face the reality. It is actually not that easy to reach the stardom where you would have seen many famous models. 

how to become a model
male model

Although good physic and outer appearance do matter, but there are many other aspects behind the making of a model. However bother not because I am here to get you through.   

How to become a model

Becoming model is not that easy- Watch out!!

Wait! I am your well-wisher and I certainly do not want to demoralize you, but when it comes to whole process of becoming a successful model, the dream will take a lot of efforts.

By the way, thank to me as I have compiled some of the easiest ways to move step-by-step towards the dream of 'Becoming a model!'

​And, if you think that you have those attractive curves to show in front of the world, gear up your seat; I am gonna take you to the world of immense popularity, glitz and glamour. I will reveal one-by-one step to become a Successful Model and get added to the fame lists of Top Indian Models (Males) and Top Indian Models (Females). 

Reality check of the profession

Becoming a model takes a lot of your life; it takes away your love for food, love for waking all night up and watching movies, and a lot. Therefore, if you aim at becoming a model, you must be determined enough to not to take care of these lures. Let us just peek into the list of sacrifices that you have to follow while this journey of how to become a model. 

  • Forgetting the food lovers: No matter how hardcore food lovers you are, you will have to sacrifice your love for food in the course of becoming a model. You will have to break up with your darling chocolate and divorce your daily routine of eating junkies like Burger, Pizza and Choco-Lava Cake. I am feeling goosebumps while writing about this sacrifice; I just can calculate the pain you will have, while practicing it. 
  • Quitting your nightlife with buddies: Forget about all Pajama Party girl! Boy! Do not be happy as you will also need to forget about the late night outings and booze because, late night outings will stress your eyes and you will soon have big dark circles which a model is certainly not meant to have! 
  • Kepping selfesteem miles away: Everyone of us love our self esteem and it is one thing that get us going. But when you have this dream of becoming a successful model, you will have to keep it far from you because, every time you will have to deal rejection and critism. Every tme you will fail at one point or other but you will not have to take that on your heart. This struggle is a part of life of fashion models and you will also have to acquire yourself with it. 
  • Following a strict routine of exercise and startvation: A fit and slim body is asset to fashion models. And if you also aim to become one of them then you will also have to get that body which everyone dreams about. But as it a hurculian task, you will need to have a strict routine of gymming and exercises. This routine will be followed by days of starvation and only protien  intake. 
  • Forgetting about family functions and get together:  As we all love spending time with family and joining every smallest celebation of the clan,  models  being human also love the same. But, as the profession demands outdoor shoots and assignments, you might not be able to present every upcoming occassions of the family. Forget about spending a whole weekend, you will even not get a moment to call family up!! Hard truth!!
  • Readying your body to accept disorders: As you follow heavy startvation and limited diet, there are chances that models develop certain health issues and growth disorders. Well, as you will be at a regular check-up, still your body might get sucked up while fulfilling the constant demand of becoming slim and presentable. 

Gosh!! That was tough to write. But passion is passion and I salute all successful fashion models of worldwide to have this passion!

However, coming back to mainstream, these sacrifices might have feared you till down but the future, you will earn,  would be worthy of these sacrifices. So, think not that much and get set, ready to give a kick start to your modeling career. 

A short background of what you are aiming to pursue​

Modeling is not about posing in quirky dresses and getting the limelight. It is also subdivided into different categories of which, one  you will choose as your career option. Presently, modelling in India are of these types- 

  • Still modelling: In this type of modelling, you will have to prepare yourself for print media and catalogue advertising. There will be no role of real time interection.
  • Ramp modelling: Rampmodelling is the most known category among youth as all of them have watched Fashion TV. If you aim to choose this modelling, you will be called as fahion model. Choosing this category of modelling might inroduce you to Praveen Bhat, a renowned Fashion Photographer, who has shot many big shots of the industry. 
  • Audio-visual modelling:  This category is a deemed one among these three because every model wants to be a known face of TV industry and Big Screen. You can become a audio-visual model by wokring in TV commercials, TV industry and movies. 
  • Plus-size modelling: Yes, this is one more type of modelling in which curves do not matter but chubbiness does matter. A sligghtes of more wieght will not matter if you choose to become a plus-size model. 
  • Underwear modelling: In this type of modelling, a good physique is importent. In males, a V-shaped body will be required where is females small butts and large bust will be required. This might sound very offensive to all feminist around me but what to do, these are essential parameters of underwear modelling. 
​Note: All these categories are interconnected to each other and you can pursue your career in all if you have those matching body requirements in you!!

Figures and numbers do matter in modelling- Essential body size and height

Have you ever heard figures, '36-26-26.' 

LOL! These are not the numbers of a winning gambling slot, but the desired body figures of ​a female model. A female model is required to Bust sizing 33-36", Waist 26-28" and Hips sizing 33-36". If she does not have these numbers to count in her body, she definitely cannot be a Runway model; others, I cannot assure you of. 

​Similarly, gents models are required to have a pleasing personality with good masculine body. 6 pack ABS are not that necessary until and unless as demanded in a modelling assignment. 

Other essential requirements in body

  • For male model, minimum required height for ramp in India is 5'10"
  • For female model, minimum height requirement in India is 5'7"
  • For print and advertising modelling, the minimum height can be 5'3" or 5'4" in India. 
  • Skin of the model should be glowing and clear of scars. For this, proper skin care is necessary. 
  • The hair must be shiny and smooth. You can easily get shiny hairs by searching tips to improve hair texture by improving diet and all. 
  • The physique of male and female models should be well groomed and fit. Healthy nutrition and a good exercise regime can help you achieve the sameif you desire to become a model. 

These were essentials body requirements. Let us now move towards the step-by-step guide to become a model. You must follow each step as they are.

Steps to become a model- 1,2,3 and 4! There you go!

1 # Learn and observe the industry: As told earlier, modeling industry takes a lot of input and hence, to input and get reliable output, you will have to understand it. Therefore, initially, what you require is to observe the industry. You can observe about it by learning daily news, blogs and updates of the latest models. The life of daily dwellers in the industry can teach you much nicely about your decision of becoming one of the top male models. The observation here can be anything from daily updates of industry to modeling tips, in the case to survive the industry. 

​2 # Get your professional portfolio done: Getting your portfolio done is not all about getting selfies and photographs clicked by friends and family. Professional portfolio means photoshoot done by best photographer of the industry like Praveen Bhat. A professional photographer will shoot your portfolio according to the industry moods and moments. 

Note: A portfolio is an essential requirement of the industry and ​hence, it should be of the best quality. A bad portfolio can ruin your career before starting. 

3 # ​Always keep your personal stats handy: In the process of becoming a model, anybody can anywhere as your personal stats like height, weight, hip size, chest size, shoe size, etc. Therefore, you must keep your stats handy as you go for auditions. 

4 # Let modelling agency know you as aspiring model: As you will be a fresh face in the industry, you will need some source to take you through. In your case, modelling agencies​ will take you through and hence, it should be your first and foremost task to get yourself registered with them. If you are based in Delhi, you can get registered with modelling agencies in Delhi which can definitely help you get your first break and help you get your portfolio done as well. 

If starting from basics- Join a course for modelling 

Although to become a model, you will require right attitude, nice physique and boldness  which are in-built,  yet there are many factors which you will gain after proper guidance. Therefore, if you want to be a complete model, then you can join grooming and modelling classes offered by modelling agencies. These grooming agencies polish your outer and inner character and sharp your skills of expressing and posing. 

Some of the courses offered by modelling agencies also make you learn being comfortable in front of the camera. In many agencies, grooming classes, skill development and portfolio shoot come embedded in a single package. You can be benefitted with such packages if you choose those to start fresh in modelling. ​

Note: There are many institutes Like Frankfin, etc. which are offering one year of the Diploma course with certification for modelling.

Earning of a model

Earning of model depends upon the modelling type he or she has chosen to start with. Print modelling does not have enough money where TV and Runway modelling assignment do have.

The below mentioned stats will give you a clear cut vision of a model's earning. ​

Level of model

Salary (Indian Rupees)

Beginner Level 

Rs 4000/- to 5000/- per shoot 

Experienced Model

Rs 20,000 to 40000/- per shoot

Super Model

Rs 50,000 to above per shoot 

Life after modeling- The career scope

My words might sound harsh to you, but it's utter reality; the career in modelling is not always stable. You can be motivated by seeing the career graph of successful women and men model, but not newbie models turn into successful ones. Not all have lucrative career and fame. Therefore, the best tip from me is that, always start a modelling career while having a good job to survive. You can start modelling as a part-time job and become a freelance model.  You can search and join freelance modelling assignment and build up experience and contacts to start as a full fledged model. 

Once you​ have good contacts and enough savings to support your days of struggle in the industry, you can then plan to become a full-time model.

Here I would conclude-

Smart work is better than hard work; become smart!

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​Quick F.A.Qs about modelling industry 

  • How is life of model?

The life of a model is a mix of glamour and glitz but it does not always remain the same. A model has to work day and night to complete a modelling assignment without thinking of personal life and lifestyle. So, if you choose this career, no matter how bad your mood is, you will still require to be smiling and pleasing. 

  • Are there some perks of becoming a model?

Of course, there are many perks of becoming a model. As you become a successful model, everybody knows your name and desire to be like you. You earn good and get to travel round the globe with types of modelling assignment you get. There are many bonuses of becoming a model like you get the product you endorse. It can be jewelry, cloths or anything you endorse. 

​Last minute tips for how to become a model

  • Present yourself at your best; looks matters!
  • Become a pro in make-up skills (For female models).
  • Male model must keep well-groomed and carved body. 
  • Always keep your moral and confidence high.
  • Learn to smile in downs also; the career demands best performance no matter if it is last day of the Earth. 
  • Be respectful about your crew members.
  • Try not to blabber about anybody in the crew. 
  • Always follow the agreement as contracted bewteen you and agency.
  • Try not to breach the legal agreement; it could be image wrecking act for your career. 
  • Ankur Aggarwal signs off

    Hey friends, this was a guide to how to start modeling. No matter if you are a male or female aspiring for the modeling career, this brief guide will help you all. I would wish you all luck and hope that you respect each and every part of your this career. 

    Never forget this-

    You make your career; not career makes you!!

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