How to become a singer in India

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"When words fail, music speaks" - A very famous and message-giving quote from Shakespeare that teaches the important of music.

Music is so much connected to soul. When you are happy, you love to play music and dance merrily. When you are sad, music makes you feel better. Hence, it is an inseparable part of our life.

how to become a singer

How to become a singer in India

Becoming a singer is one dream which many pursue. Half of the dreams are crushed due to the life being critical and forcing you towards job rest few feel helpless due to lack of training. Only few lucky devoted ones get the golden chance to be a famous singer and hence perform on stage with live band and masses of people cheering for you!

For a singer, one fan is more than life!

Today’s generations find music as stress buster. They often relate music as a way to feel lost and hence escape from the reality they live in. Earlier, our elders love listening to Shammi Kapoor songs or Kishore Kumar.

Those songs had meaning and innocence was the essence. Today, we have music which is more loud and meaningless. A new trend of songs with abusive words as lyrics seems a shame as it destroys the brains of young generations.

However, if you are one person who eats, prays and loves music, then trust me how to become a good singer will be crystal clear. Often people are scared about career scope as a singer.

Let us put some serious discussion here and see what the practical steps to become a professional singer are and thus a good living for family. Don’t forget:

“Every famous singer today started somewhere. They were not perfect initially, they also faced highs and lows but now they are polished and our heart stealers”

What is the career like for a singer in India?

  • Once you are a high voice quality singer with good knowledge of music, you need to get practical training. Hence you can search for a good internship under one of the most popular and reputed Bollywood music directors. If that’s still not possible as you might have to leave your hometown and settle in metro cities, no issues. Try and look for jobs as in playing in your local club circuit or cruise ships, small parties and gatherings in lounges or residences etc. Slowly and gradually, if your voice connects people, you would have fans. Improve yourself at every good and bad experience. This way, you can start earning.
  • Start your own music school and teach young children good music. Host good music shows in which you along with students perform. You might even participate in reality shows and thus get yourself noticed. You never know when someone falls in love with your voice and a golden opportunity knocks your door.
  • Social Media today is one great medium for young budding singers. Record your own sung songs and post it on social media. People would view and like it. Soon sharing and promoting activity will make you popular online.
  • Hence career after becoming a singer is quite bright. You need to be confident on yourself and never stop trying for achieving bigger opportunities as there is no limit to success in singing.

What a singer has to do?

  • By becoming a singer, you become the main vocalist for a track. If you are a male or a female, your voice would be recorded for their performance in contrast with the band. Band has a set of regular members who are fixed and they record and travel around with the music director. They are equally important as you are.
  • If you are a good guitarist or a piano player then many a times in live performances, you might choose to play your loved instrument along with singing. That’s truly an art! Rest background score is taken well care of by band.
  • You may or may not be a song writer. That’s not important. The production team has good written songs for which they hire their needed singer. Hence your voice and its quality is your real asset in Music Industry.
  • Being a singer, you will have to record songs in a studio and thus sometimes complete albums. Then after the recording and editing is done. Final creative CD cover is made and album launch is thought of. After the launch, you shall become popular on all music channels. Often you might have to attend famous TV shows and promote your album. Secondly, touring to promote your album to different cities and countries can also be part of your job.

Hence, a singer’s life is mostly spent in studios or on tours and without work, practicing music, vocal, instrumental or dancing abilities.

Becoming a singer in Bollywood

Being a singer is just first part of your music journey. Real essence lies in marketing yourself and thus building strong connections with influential people in music industry.

People like booking agents, club promoters, Managers, Talent contest agents, other singers who are already established and sometimes good musicians can also get you good work. You need to maintain good terms with so many people to become a progressive personality.

How is the career progressive for a good pro singer?

If God favors and your efforts are true, then advancement in any career is possible. Similarly, being a singer, if you touch the hearts of many music lovers, life cannot get better. You would be getting invites to host rock concerts or may be huge music shows in a gathering of Lakhs of people. It’s like the best future possible in a singer’s life. Fans from around the nation come to see their music sensation performing. This is like ultimate dream come true.

You would laugh to listen but people who won Grammy were also one like you. They never had something more from God. They even started small.

What education you need to become a pro singer?

Music in India has reached new heights and now world lover, people follow Indian music. Even foreigners come to India to learn “Sargam” and thus know more about Indian Music. In India, we have some great music institutes of the world. You won’t believe but getting a qualified degree in Music is as tough as becoming a doctor or an engineer.

If you are keen to make your career in music, then the below music institutes of India are your next destination. How to become a singer in India and your answer lies here!



Sir A R Rehman who made India proud in international awards has established his foundation in Chennai in the year 2008. The Guru here is he himself A.R. Rehman and what better in life can you ask for.

Learning from the living legend who serves as this school’s principal is one passion and dream for many. It is located in the KM college of Music and Technology and has some of the most powerful faculty members who have great exposure as well as experience in world of music.

There are all types of part time and full time courses available for all age groups.

1 # Diploma Program (2-year full time course in both Western and Hindustani Music)

  • Eligibility: 18 years + and having 12th Std English marks above 55% or IELTS score of 6 or more.
  • Diploma program is offered in Collaboration with Middlesex University UK.

2 # Foundation Program (1-year full time course giving knowledge of Piano, Guitar, percussion, Flute etc with Indian music)

  • Eligibility: 16 years + and having 12th Std English marks above 55% or IELTS score of 6 or more. You need to pass an interview to get admission.
  • Foundation program is offered in Collaboration with Middlesex University UK.

3 # Other courses offered are Preparatory, Composition, Russian Piano Studio, Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Certificate I Performance, Summer Programs etc.

For further details, visit:



It is one of the oldest music institutes of India. It was founded in 1928 and supports teaching of real and pure Indian classical music.

Courses offered here are:

1. Full time music course

2. Part time courses

Other good events organized here are:

  • Special Endowment program
  • Workshops
  • Annual competitions
  • Collaborative events

For further details, visit



Fusion of Indian Classical with Western Music is what the current trend is. If you wish to follow this music trend and learn deeply about it, then this institute founded in 1966 in capital city of India by Dr H.J Koellreutter is one ideal school with even a European tie up with the top music schools: The royal Schools of Music and Trinity School of Music.

  • Currently, there are around 1300 students being catered by faculty every year.
  • Courses cover learning: Guitar, Piano, Cello, Violin, Recorded and Flute.

To know more, check



Who doesn’t know GRK Reddy, this school was his imagination and in the year 2010, it actually took shape and now has become one of the finest and top class faculty institutes for acclaimed musicians not only in India but including the best of jazz, rock and Latin musicians directly from United States of America. The legendary members of popular bands Dream Theater, Journey and Yes work as faculty here and hence this is a magical journey for any inspiring music singer.

Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • Diploma in Music Performance
  • Diploma in Music Production

Besides these, there are special summer programs, 5-day camps and special workshops which are highly beneficial.

For any queries, look up


Bengalis have a special connection with music and this is one live example. Dr Philip Sandre found this music school in 1915 at Calcutta to offer some of the high class courses in contemporary classical music, westernized classical music, dance, drama, speech training and elocution kind of fields.

  • This school has collaboration with The Trinity Guildhall, Thames Valley University and the Royal School of Music where the examinations for students here are formed. Hence being in India, you can take international level of music training.
  • All courses offered here are part-time or full time.

Try your luck and surely your passion for singing and music would make you a part of any of these reputed legendary institutes. Once you get in, life automatically shows you a green flag for a bright future.

For further details on each course, see

What are the skills needed for becoming a good singer today in 2017?

  • You need to be ambitious, self-confident, determined as well as resourceful at personal state.
  • Knowledge of computer and software that help practicing and learning music.
  • Social Media knowledge
  • You should know how to read the notes
  • Knowledge of musical instruments is also very important
  • You should be able to sing nicely in an enclosed studio like environment
  • You should be good in lifestyle and habits like no drinking or smoking as they worse your voice quality. So you need to balance both!
  • You need to take time out to practice music daily so that you can improve on your voice.
  • Patience is a key to success. Be patient to listen to music directors and musicians as they won’t agree on your opinion or view on first take.
  • You should eat balanced food to keep your voice and body healthy. No much of frozen foods are advisable which can cause cold or voice heaviness.

How much a singer earns?

Everyone thinks becoming a singer is like money mending machine. It is not so simple dear. Life is going to be a struggle in initial years. Every name and fame has a harsh story behind so will you have.

  • A very few people get lucky to pursue full time living through singing profession.
  • A very few people get lucky to pursue full time living through singing profession.
  • Initially you might be cheated and not paid for small performances.
  • Even booking agents take good commission and so earning would be not so good.
  • If you are working in a club or lounge then depending on club popularity, you might earn monthly between 10 K to 30 K monthly
  • If you work as a freelancer and sing in parties or get together, your one time earning would vary between 8 K to 12 K rest musicians would take.
  • If you get lucky and sing for a TV commercial or TV, then may be one project would give you 20 K to 25 K.
  • Slowly and Gradually when you get known pay would increase. Earlier days, you might get paid around 50K for one song and 2.5 Lakhs for one album.
  • With fame and fans, your pay increases.

So all incoming depends on your efforts and inputs. More is your life devoted to singing, better would be your earning.

However very few souls can take up so many struggles. Most of them starts taking singing as part time and opt for salaried jobs to earn for their family. It needs lot of hard work to become a good reputed singer!

Facts about some famous Indian singers and their struggles:

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon!

Let us know the stories of our favorite singers and get inspired:

1. A.R. REHMAN- This legendary was once singing ad jingles for MRF Tyres, Coffee, Titan, Garden sarees etc. and had sung 300 jingles during his struggle. Learn his complete life here

2. Shreya Goshal- This girl had a perfect life from the age of 4 when she started taking formal training from her mother. Her keeda of singing brought her so far and now she is one of the most loved and top female singers in country. Her story might get you guided.

3. K.K. – This versatile singer never could afford formal training and his father was one who recorded songs in his small tape recorder. Learn how he struggled

They are quite a few but enough to make you dream big.

In short, if you wish to have that perfect singing career, you need to follow these steps:

  • Take singing lessons
  • Practice everyday
  • Get a degree from good music academy
  • Learn to read music
  • Learn any desired instrument 
  • Find opportunities like singing talent show, reality show, small opportunities to perform in front of small and big gatherings 
  • Gain Confidence to perform 
  • Join Karaoke or any good singing group 
  • Look what style suits you
  • If you are good at writing, then make a good song composition 
  • Set up goals and then work hard in its direction 
  • Buy equipment of your own one by one like a microphone, a PA system, a vocal processor and any new advanced technology effects equipment
  • Make your own demo for your promotion 
  • Get your manager to find work for you
  • Promote your demo on manager’s contacts and social media 
  • Get connected to resourceful people 
  • Get a makeover and enhance your look 
  • Market your singing in the best possible manner

Following these steps explained in simple words, you can become one ideal singer.

Over to you

Every profession needs hard work and dedication. Becoming a singer is again more of self training your voice and skills to perform in front of huge masses. Simply imagine that there is nobody and close your eyes. Start singing! Even if people take out negatives in you, ignore as that won’t affect you or stop you from becoming a pro singer. Keep calm and patient. You need to believe in your destiny and one day, success will follow your dreams.

Your music will bring a revolution and hence become one!

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