How to become a writer in India

It’s Never Too Late To Become A Writer. It Is Not Just A Job, It Is Passion.

Check out our complete guide on how to become a writer in india.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”-beautifully written by Lao-tzu. Let us start with a small story.

In 1889, great Rudyard Kipling's sample article draft for a short story publication was rejected on the face of it, with a small note, “You just do not know how to use the English language.”

If the Mumbai-born author had bought that criticism at the time and stopped writing, his career would not have survived to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907.

how to become a writer in india

How to become a writer in india

A writer is someone who beautifully uses the written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas to its readers. A writer is not just a person who writes.

In her or his head, it’s thousands of words all day. A writer imagines the world made up of words instead of people and things. There is a wide range of literary genre to choose from and a person may choose any of its forms to express one’s thoughts. Writers tend to see inspiration and beauty in the catastrophic and the forgotten.

Many writers are working across genres. For example, a poem to play; a novel to film; history to musical. Writers are people who want to be remembered. They want their words to be quoted long after they are dead.

They want to reach the soul of people and teach them something out of their words. Sometimes, they want to share a pearl of wisdom or sometimes and an adventure. Sometimes, they write to let people what they feel and sometimes they write to change a person’s perception.

Writers think differently. They are 10 situations ahead of what one thinks in a moment. He is drawn to things that enhance his writings. Writing is intimidating. Isn’t it? Not only a writer understands the truth but also utilises the beauty of a lie. A writer gives his soul always and that too in writing! Writers should have a command of their language.

Choosing writer as a career shows that you are determined and focused. It shows that you are confident enough as a writer has to fight as all odds are against you. Becoming a writer is like pursuing a dream.

This makes you an uncommon breed You produce novels or movies. All these are forms of magic. People get influenced.

By becoming a writer you can change lives. By your writings, you can make people laugh when they are sad, you can cheer them up or make them cry when they so want to. Moreover, writings bring forth the necessary awareness of social and political issues happening in the world.

Writing is a form of a therapy. It is a way of expression. It helps you to communicate inner turmoil and struggles. Writing feeds you soul and this is something no other person can understand better than a writer.

Becoming a writer is not easy. For example, How to become a content writer? You need to understand various realities, have some degrees or diploma, join some professional writers alliance, look for online courses for brushing up all the skills and then you succeed and this is how to become a good content writer.

Similarly, how to become a published writer? You need to write exceptionally good and unique. Still, the work is not over. You need to search reliable publishers who are near you on a search engine and follow their written instructions for sending in your manuscript.

How to become a blog writer? Make a blog, design it, read a lot, select a topic you are passionate about, again read, write, structure the content, get it checked and then release it.

All of these efforts help you to find an answer to how to become a writer. There is a wide range of literary genre to choose from and a person may choose any of its forms to express one’s thoughts. Writers tend to see inspiration and beauty in the catastrophic and the forgotten. There is not just a single writer for all forms of writings. There are several types of writers. Let us see below. 

Types of writing experts that you can choose to become

  • Academic writers: These write for university magazines or some scientific journals etc. These are generally article writers or book writers. Unlike others, Academic writers do not basically write for money. Publication is something that matters the most to an academic writer and it is their pay.
  • Article writers: These include almost all the non-fiction writers. Food writers, medical writers, Travel writers, etc.; these writers are all specialists in their own fields and usually write for magazines. Article writers can sometimes be freelancers or staff writers. These writers have an amazing quality to write in a crisp language.
  • Copywriters: Every writer wishes to be a copywriter as they are best paid in the whole business. All marketing is written to sell something easily in a market and it is important to have a good marketing text as it sells more products than a mediocre one.
  • Freelance writers: These are people who write without belonging to a single company or so. There can be part time or full time freelance writers. How to become a freelance writer? The best way to become a freelance writer and get jobs in India is to start writing articles for some buyers on Indian freelancing websites like worknhire or ContentMart.
  • Journalists: Journalists are a mixed group of writers. These work in the national or local newspapers or magazines. These are read by a million of people as millions of people read newspapers and magazines every day. These can also be full time or part time writers. Both enjoy their separate perks. How to become a magazine writer from scratch? Become passionate about magazine style writing, make an extensive list and collection of magazines and their publishers, prepare some samples and contact the editor.
  • Novelists: Novelists are a kind of writers who pose next great ideas. And then use those ideas to make and tell people entertaining stories in a form of novel or so. How to become a novelist? Well, Novelists generally follow no rules and typically share no process. Just find a story, do the characterization and proceed with enchanting words.
  • Poetry writers (poets): One can call poets lowest paid writers, but these writers are the most loved ones. These usually earn money by winning competitions.
  • Screenwriters: These are a group of scriptwriters. These write scripts for various movies and daily soaps or reality shows. Their earning depends on the success of the movie or any television show. How to become scriptwriters? Construct a story, use screenplay format, get constructive criticism, purchase some successful screenplays, watch a variety of movies, etc.
  • Story writers: These are the most glamorous writers not paid much. Their fame is their most of the salary. There is a lot of competition in this field. How to become a story writer? One needs to practice a lot, create basic outlines, find suitable characters, read plenty, broaden your mind, and take heed of children and structure sentences.
  • Technical Writers: How to become a technical writer? Learn the technical writing requirements, o for a diverse writing program, select a technical writing track and then start writing.
  • Translators: These are not generally the best paid workers among writers as the rates are usually per completed page. The translator is expected to give the same quality of work. He should have the command over both the languages.
  • Travel writer: How to become a travel writer? Read successful works of other travel writers to get an idea, read travel magazines, start travel blogging, first write about your city and then move to other venues. Understand the basics of such writings.

A writer has all these perks

Are you tired of getting wide one eyed looks and comments like ‘that is such a small field to work into’ things when you convey it to someone that you want to become a writer? It cannot be denied that people criticize writers as resentful JK Rowling but at the same time, they appreciate when these writers come up with a movie series like Harry Potter.

Well, let them judge this field by its name. They know no depth. Being a writer has its own perks! Listing down the best and the most likely ones!

1 # Well, you can work whenever you want. You are your own boss! You plan out vacations when you want, spend time with your family and friends when you want. You are not bound to check calendars for holidays before making a plan!

2 # You get to work in your pajamas or whatever comforts you more. Being a writer myself, It is my all-time favorite perk!! 😛

3 # For writing, a lot of reading has to be done and reading has its own perks too. It is productive – an all market research, after all.

4 # You can earn lots of money and even more lots of money as you can increase your copy-writing projects and take on assignments, which include a royalty that will pay you indefinitely or for many years.

5 # You can even build your own desired company to market products, the only thing you should have is any entrepreneurial aspirations.

6 # There are no office hours! There are some writers who feel that they produce better at particular times of the day. Talking about me, I can work at any time of the day which inspires me.

7 # It’s a lifelong job. You do not retire. It is a practice you can continue for the duration of your life and not like other jobs, which require more physical stamina, dexterity and social interaction.

8 # Now-a-days, e-book publishing is a trend, which allows various independent authors to get more royalties from their books without even providing large cuts to persons like agents, editors, and publishers. Example: Hugh Howey, self-published science fiction author, reported to and makes six figures most months from online royalties.

9 # You are everyone’s first and last resort when it comes to writing speeches, essays, research papers, captions for Facebook, Snap-chat or Instagram pictures or any other work of writing.

10 # Writing helps to grab command of the language you write in. You become the editor of your friends’ posts. People call me a Grammar Nazi, though!

11 # Coffee, coffee and some more coffee! Again, as I love sipping coffee every time I write, it becomes my favorite perk after-all. 

12 # You get to pick and select your clients using your own standards. Yes, no other profession guarantees such a freedom. Moreover, you get to work entirely alone, or can even collaborate with others if you desire so.

What traits are required to become a successful writer? 

Now, coming to the most crucial aspect of a writer: What should be the traits of a writer? How to become a better writer? Today, every one claims to be a writer but is he really good?

Listed below are the most basic traits that each writer must strive for in order to excel in his field.

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  • Observation: Writers should have a knack of observing minute details of the person and things. They should always take mental notes and observe even the subtle changes around them in order to use them in their writings. This attention not only makes them good writers but also excellent editors.
  • Love for words and writing: This is something of utmost importance. Love and passion should be present in a writer to produce an applaud able work. Such should the writing skills that it anticipates the readers’ questions and before they ask them, it is answered. Remembering a quote “The reader doesn’t turn the page because of a hunger to applaud,” said long time writing teacher Don Murray. Moreover, love of words not only means having a good vocabulary but also its understanding and correct usage.
  • Good grammar and punctuation skills: This is an obvious one. We all know very well that how bad grammar can leave a bad impression. Furthermore, incorrect punctuation is not acceptable as it can change the meaning of a sentence. These things should be kept in mind.
  • Patience: Good writers are not the ones without the patience, they must have patience and should realize that completing a manuscript is a haughty goal and it is not easy but remember, it is worth giving a chance. There will be days when you have not even a word to add to your writings or sometimes, you will realize that the end is so far away and the only thing preventing you from finishing the writing is the white space. Don’t give up. Keep writing! As a writer, I must tell you that your persistence will surely pay off someday!
  • Imagination: This is another important quality. Do I need to tell you this? Don’t answer. It is a rhetoric question! Imagination is something you can never compromise on if you want to become a successful and famous writer. To make writings lucid, imagination is a must and even a non-fictional writer needs to have it. Plus, imagination should be supported by a reason.
  • Self-motivation: We all have to go through some periods of difficulties and mental blocks. Coming to my point straight, a good writer never ever waits for anyone else to come and inspire him. He is well capable of motivating himself.
  • Professionalism: A good writer’s approach should be always a professional one. He should always take his work seriously.
  • Simple but not simplistic: A writer should write a simple text but he should not equate simple with ‘dumbed-down’. One key point that I want to share is that write in a way that you assume that your reader knows nothing, no history, nothing, but do not assume that the reader is stupid.

These traits help you to answer the question that how to become a good writer and how to become a content writer in India and around!

The real fight of becoming a writer in India begins with this

There are a large number of courses available to become a writer. Courses are specific to the field of writing you are interested in. We all know that the internet has revolutionised the way people study. In order words, there are online courses also available to be a writer. These courses enhance the way a person writes and help to provide advance education to the people.

First of all, one needs to get a Bachelor's Degree. Bachelor's degree programs, especially in English, communications or journalism, provide preparation and strong base for this career. These programs focus on most specific areas of writing, screenwriting, playwriting or speechwriting.

Second of all, one needs to gain some experience. Writers can also proceed by building a strong reputation and writing blogs or articles on social media. Screenwriters or playwrights may release their videos for online users.

Third of all, one does not need a graduate degree but a master's degree in English can improve the marketability of the writers. For example, Technical writers with an undergraduate degree in computer science may find a graduate degree in communications or journalism helpful. A person with an English degree can get a graduate degree in communications and this will give him a competitive edge when he wants to become a copywriter. And this is how to become a copywriter. Moreover, a master's degree program usually demands a thesis or project, which can be used as a work sample. These higher education answers almost all questions of How to become a good writer in English, How to become a famous writer, how to become a great writer, etc.

Top colleges with courses to pursue English

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  • ma (english)
  • diploma in writing

Diploma in Creative writing and Script writing in English

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE). 1 year Course.
  • The British Council, Delhi. (12 weeks course)
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune. (1 year course)
  • Diploma in Script writing (1 year course and can be done after 10+2)
  • Akbar Peerbhoy College of Commerce and Economics in Maharashtra
  • Mumbai Film Academy in Mumbai
  • Livewires the Media Institute

Salary of writers

The salary of a writer depends upon the field of writing he or she is into. A chart of different writers getting different salary is given below. 


Salary (Per Annum)

Content writer (Article writing, blogging, PR writing, etc.) 

1,18,000 to 4,00,000/-

Freelance writer

up to 9,00,000/-

Technical writer

2,00,000 to 5,00,000/-


10,00,000 to 15,00,000/-


4,00,000 to 10,00,000 with 30% royalty of the published book


60,000 to 80,000/-

Writers create magic.

They have the ability to create magic by arranging words in a way to bring out a meaning that did not exist previously. They tend to change our lives and this is a guarantee that one can never regret becoming a writer. Becoming a writer can never be boring rather it is exciting! Writing makes you immortal.

What else do you need?

Choosing it as a career is worth giving a shot. It does not matter if you fail, what matters is that you will earn what others miss out and you will experience the best struggle! Make mind and play with words. You can do it!

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