How to become a dj in india

Looking for how to become a DJ in india? Worry not 🙂

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Music is a therapy. For all those who love mixing music on their own party bashes, become a professional by taking this field as your career.

It is no less than any other profession being followed today as highly reputed DJs can earn in good 5 digits on one night performances.

In fact, they definitely get to host good musical parties pretty often due to rising party culture in the nation.

how to become a DJ in india

People today find a reason to celebrate ad hence DJs are always in demand! There is always room for new talent at the top.

Hence if you are passionate about music and love entertaining mobs of people by mixing different genres of music, then becoming a trained DJ can be one ideal career option which is worth taking.

How to become a DJ in India - The complete Guide

It might be a fad option earlier in India but now it is one viable career option just like others where you can mend some good amount of money while enjoying work and life both.

Top 5 DJ Training Academies in India:

You can opt for professional training institutes for becoming a qualified DJ in India. The top 5 institutes which offer such kind of training are as follows:

1. Global DJ Academy, Mumbai

This institute is 7 years old now and has been offering great DJ courses for all aspiring candidates. When we think about digital music, this Academy is one of the most renowned and oldest ones in India.

Top Music companies and houses, singers, celebrities, musicians, producers etc are associated with this academy and hence you have bright chances to be absorbed in Bollywood soon after you complete training.

You would be able to learn how to do beat matching, executing perfect blends, clean mixing of music and even produce unique sounds gathering different genres of music.

2. Spin Gurus DJ Academy, New Delhi

DJ Jitesh, one of the most famous DJ of today had established this institute in 2005 and now it has turned to be the most accomplished music production Academy of India.

The best of the DJ training advance courses are offered here like vinyl DJ course (Turntablism), complete DJ course (CD Turntable), ableton live music production course, ableton live DJ course, fruity loops music production course as well as VJ (Video Jockey) training course.

Spin Gurus DJ Academy is no less than a brand in music industry and its training supersedes all others in India.

3. Partymap DJ Academy, Pune

Mr Nik Talreja found this academy in 2011 within the brand name of PartyMap Education LLP. You can opt for certified DJ courses from this institute along with electronic music production learning as well as sound engineering courses.

Who doesn’t know DJ Akhil? He is the heart throb of the nation as well as brand ambassador for this Institute. This academy also offers some online courses. Artists who do exceptionally well are even placed nationally and internationally in good job positions.

4. Scratchz DJ Academy, Bangalore

When you wish to have a proper theoretical training as well as hands on experience with some of top industry professionals, then Scratchz Academy is for you. Aspiring artists can soon receive success in entertainment and media industry by getting training here.

Academy offers 3 DJ consoles for students to practice as well as also get them to real clubs and lounges for a more real practical knowledge. Hence depending on the artist’s interests, the artists will get individualistic training.

5. Exodus DJ Academy, Chennai

For beginners to become one of the most advanced DJs in India, Exodus Academy is like one stop destination. It is the most professional arts organization that offers an array of DJ courses for all aspiring DJs.

Started in 2009, this academy has made many student’s career in this field and hence get them a great exposure by meeting the world’s finest of the DJ’s and masters along with a well very-made curriculum.

Courses which you can choose from for a bright career in DJ industry:

For becoming a Disc Jockey, age has no bar! You don’t have to score high in exams as well! What you need is good knowledge of music and rhythm.

Currently there are no established colleges or universities which offer full-year training programs or high-level courses with a properly defined syllabus or even course curriculum in professional DJ training.

Surprisingly, there are many reputed private institutes in India which are more of training centers which offer good learning as well as exposure to all aspiring DJ artists. You can find such centers mainly in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad as well as Kolkata.

Mainly, they offer short duration courses in DJ (Disc Jockey) development and other required skills.

Courses which you may opt for are:

1. Pro DJ courses
2. DJ Training and Development courses
3. Digital Live DJ'ing course
4. Audio Engineering course

When you will know these academies, one fact that would be revealed as ‘they have been set up by famous established DJs themselves.’

For your reference, we have shortlisted some good training courses and institutes for you for quick registration:

I Love Music Academy, Gurgaon

Course Name Type Fees
Pro DJ Course 3 months, part time 41,000 INR
DJ Producer 9 months, part time 1,16,000 INR

For further details, visit website:

Electronyk Academy, Delhi (An Institute by DJ Nikhil Sahni)

Course Name Type Fees
Pioneer CDJ Course 16 sessions 50000 INR
Digital DJing course 8 sessions 25000 INR
Ableton DJ Course 8 sessions 25000 INR

For further details, visit website:

Jazzy Joe, Delhi - one of the oldest DJ schools in Delhi, set up in 1997

Course Name Type Fees
Full-time professional DJ Course 100 hours 30000 INR
Basic mobile DJ course 60 hours 30000 INR

For further details, visit website: website:

Skratchlab DJ Academy, Chennai

It is established by DJ Kave, twice D.M.C World DJ championship Indian representative as well as Official DJ for Sir A R Rehman, Blaaze & Hardkaur singers.

Course Name Type
Pro DJ Course 3 months, part time
Electronic Music Producer 2 months, part time
Turntablism Course 4 months, part time

For further details, visit website:

Important To Note: The fees charged by institutes may vary widely. Also, in certain cases, training is provided by the famous DJ's on a one-to-one basis which is totally subjective and hence fee structure might be customized based upon the training and practice needs of the applicant. There are varied extra charges for additional practice time in the DJ studio.

Job Description of a Disc Jockey:

  • The basic job of a DJ is to create music for an event or a radio audience by mixing various genres as well as tracks using a variety of equipment like mixers, turntables, tape decks, equalizers and other useful advanced technology sound processors.
  • A DJ can work alone or may be with other music professionals, Anchors, event planners and even team with other DJs depending on what type of event it is and what size event you are a part of.
  • Becoming a DJ, you also need to be a crowd puller. This isn’t easy as you need to be advanced in technique as well as in knowledge of music. Also you have to keep yourself in pace with latest trends and thus keep improving with time to be in hearts of all music lovers.

​Career Option for DJ

(1) As Club Jockeys: One’s who perform in front of live audience at clubs and discs, known as DJs.
(2) As Radio Jockeys: One’s who work in radio or FM channels popularly known as RJs.

Club DJs have to work till late nights and sometimes overnight because of their profession to be that way. Radio Jockeys are often working in day time. Because you need to face live audiences, you need to carry a good personality as well as mention good interaction with people on dance floor. Also you need to have your own music equipment as well as playlists to become an independent professional DJ.

Becoming a DJ- Short and summarized ways 

  • There are no eligibility criteria as such. Only thing needed is passion of music, music terms and technical aspects like rhythms, beats etc.
  • If you have a graduation degree then well and good but in music industry, it is your experience in music that counts and not marks.
  • Formal training is any local music institutes is a must. Along with that, you can opt for online DJ courses for added knowledge and training. If possible, apply for one of the music academies which offer DJ Professional courses and that would give your career a big push.
  • A degree in Communication or even Media or journalism will be a super advantage for you to build network and create your brand image in industry.

Skills required for becoming a DJ:

  • A good sense of music
  • Knowledge about all genres of music
  • Be well-versed with cueing, equalization ad audio-mixing
  • Beat- matching technique
  • Scratching technique
  • Beat Juggling technique
  • A good persona
  • Attractive looks 
  • Extrovert Nature
  • Loves travelling
  • Knowledge about different cultures of the world
  • Love to connect with people and make them friendly
  • Computers and music software knowledge

Salary Expectations for Disc Jockey:

  • When you perform at a good late night event hosted for large numbers, you might turn up to earn somewhere between 25000 to 70000 INR. This all depends on your fame and name in industry.
  • If you are a freelancer and is ready to take up small get-togethers and house parties, then you would be able to earn somewhere between 15000 to 30000 INR per night.
  • One’s who are employed with broadcast and hospitality industry, have a lucrative package of 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum, all depending on experience and popularity.

Beginners can start with small local clubs in their cities to perform in mobs and after gaining experience, you can start taking up individual contracts like private parties or even large music events.

Types of Disc Jockeys (DJ)

There are main 5 types of DJ:

1. The Club / Bar DJ: Nightclub DJ’s are normally local heroes which are open for international acts. They host some of the most happening night parties at different spots for people who love to dance on specific trance. Very well established DJs have several nightclub residencies where they are hired to perform regularly.

2. Mobile/ Wedding DJ: They are like the unsung heroes in the music industry. They normally doesn’t stay at one place but keep traveling to produce soundtrack at various events, concerts, weddings, college fests, private parties etc. They are easily approachable for hosting private concerts unlike Bar DJs.

3. Radio DJ: We know radio broadcasting. Whenever we are driving, we often switch to radio mode to listen a very well made selected playlist of soothing songs. These DJ work at radio stations as a host to mix songs in between the advertisements and commentary. They are part of programming staff. With number of increasing radio stations, this field is also getting competitive and hence a good career option for many.

4. Music Producers: DJing is playing pre-recorded music to an audience. Producing Music is original creation and recording of new music. However composing music is one aspect but you need a music producer to help you compose music. They are musicians that form music out of loads of different genres of music.

5. Turntablist: They are also known as Scratch DJs or Controllerists. They are ones who are talented enough to perform live while making remixes using turntables, mixer and headphones along with super special effects. There is a lot of practice needed to master this skill involving delicate hand wrist motion.

Hence seeing the diverse array of possibilities in this career, it is simply a very happening career option for all those who love music.

Benefits of being a good DJ:

  • Share your music with the world: Music has its own language. With your own musical language, you can connect with people all around the world traveling and meeting people from all cultures. Hence, it’s a wonderful feeling over all.
  • You get paid to party all night: Normally drinking and partying at some of the reputed clubs would cost you a lot. Becoming the official DJ at such club would make you party with the mob all night with free drinks and lovely crowd. You would be the eye candy for many!
  • Many free offerings for you: At the party, you would get so much of stuff at no cost like free cool T-shirts, no cover charges, free music equipment, free unlimited drinks, chance to meet influential people etc. Hence it’s a lovely career option with endless options that will make you fall in love with your job.
  • Not everyone is important in clubs but a DJ is: Everyone looks at the DJ, tries to connect and hence you become a crowd puller for the night making some lovely evening of some people. You might be the reason of happiness for the moment of all the guests.
  • No Dress Code: Best part is you can wear whatever you want and have whatever you feel like. No restrictions at all!
  • Sky is the limit for you: This career has no limit. The better you become, more will be your value. Your experience will be your main asset. With a good work record, will you get popular? Bollywood industry in India would always demand for better music producers and DJs and hence, if you breathe music and are passionate about your career, there is no limit of any kind over your dreams!

Perks of being a famous DJ:

  • If you become a heartthrob for majority, soon your fame would get you a top property for stay in that city. In fact for resident DJs, the club offers good accommodation facility so that they might stay for them forever.
  • You would be able to save money gradually to buy expensive cars and branded stuff.
  • For international corporate, you might get business class tickets to host their private parties in exotic locations. Such events are like hot cakes to grab good money in one shot. Moreover connection building and personal marketing is easier!
  • When you have practiced for good amount of years, then as trend says, you can open your own DJ Academy for training young aspiring talent in India.

Hence, don’t get yourself face any family pressure or job tension, if you are confident enough to become a good music producer or DJ, and then go for it! Nobody started big!

You never know this career option might get you what you actually deserve! Becoming a DJ in India today is now one of the most attractive work and life balancing career options!

I hope you like this article on how to become a DJ. We tried to be as elaborative as possible. 

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