Top 10 Indian dating sites to find your perfect partner

Indian dating sites are the best way to find someone special in your life. These online dating sites in india are booming and you should join them too. (Side not: i found my current girlfriend through an online dating site)

Are you bored of the usual ways of meeting people you already know and dating them?

So it's time to try something new. Look for different people on the internet, get to know about them and if you find them interesting then start dating them. It's that simple.

But the question is how will you find people on the internet who are looking to date, someone. This task has been made simple via dating sites.

Now from the plethora of online dating websites not all of them are genuine and trustworthy.

So to make this task simple, I have mentioned a list of top 10 Indian dating sites that will surely help you to know which one is the best.

indian dating sites online

Note: Dating sites used to word earlier, now indian dating apps are trending. So forget about dating sites in india, and rather use these amazing online dating apps to help you find your. Although some of these apps also have a website or a web version, but why use that when you can use the apps.

Indian dating sites - Top 10 online dating sites in India that works [2017]

#1. Aisle

Aisle is one of the best dating sites in India which connects you to people who are looking for meaningful and long lasting relationship from all over the world. It is quite different from other casual and fun dating apps

In order to become its member, you can go for membership which is free and then you are ready to discover likeminded people.

Aisle is the best dating app in India. Why you ask?, let me explain. The profiles are human verified, so there is no chance of finding a fake profile. To connect with someone you need to spend money (Rs 3599 for 7 invites).

Now before you start cursing their system let me first clear your doubts. By adding this amazing filter of paid invites, they have removed the biggest drawback in dating apps in India, that is girls getting too many invites.

Only people who are seriously interested in the other person (if they're like their interste and all) will they send the invite. Since these are paid, a girl/guy gets few invites, and hence the chances of getting a match are much higher.If someone declines your request, you get your invite credited back to your account, and you can use it again.

If someone accepts that one of your invites gets used up.I found my current girlfriend through aisle, and I can't thank this platform enough. It is not tinder like bullshit where you won't get any matches unless and until you are extremely good looking or witty with your profile.


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Note: Many people complain that their profile was not approved. I have found a hack for that. If it takes more than two days to get your profile approved, apply again. I have seen that this hack always work and you will get accepted fairly quickly.

#2. Tinder

A one stop for all the people who want to date someone matching their interest. And if you are the one who is looking for someone to hook up with then this is the right place for you.

Tinder is the first swiping apps in which swiping right means liking and swiping left means moving to the next one. And if someone likes you back then Woohoo it's a Match.

It's an easy to use app which shows the best results by your interest.

It is available to both Android and Ios users, and the good news is that it is soon coming up with its web version as well.

With its premium version, you can enjoy some superb features like Rewind, to give someone a second chance, one boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes.

It is the most popular and widely used dating app in India with a large user base.

#3. TrulyMadly

Dump those old ways of meeting a boy or a girl suggested by that neighborhood aunty. Check out truly madly and fall truly madly in love with the person whom you like and not that aunty.

There is bad news for creeps because truly madly is spam proof. So creepers beware.

You can like or hide a person without even letting them know. Now, this feature is fascinating. Isn't it?

Truly madly is truly an Online Indian dating site that guides you like a friend and finds that perfect one for you.

With Spark feature, you can start a conversation with the people you match without even waiting for a like back.

Not just profile pictures you can add videos to your profile as well.

And if you are worried about the security of your pictures then stop worrying because your pictures are safe with us, we don't let anyone capture a screenshot of your profile picture or save it.

Each profile has a trust score associated with it. So if you have a high trust score, then you will automatically be provided with more matches. Play quizzes with your match, take a suggestion from your friend and much more.

Android, ios and web version of truly madly are available so you can use it with any device that you want.

#4. QuackQuack

Another best dating site added in this list of top 7 Indian dating sites is QuackQuack. A matchmaking platform that shows you the best result by your interests. And if you are scared about privacy then not to worry because they have proper privacy policies to which they strictly adhere.

All the profiles that you will find are 100% real and are verified. You can interact with them via chat or personalized messages.

Some of the remarkable features that it has are Photo filtering options, filtering unwanted profiles, content filtration option blocking and reporting suspected profiles, etc.

Join QuackQuack now and start quacking.

#5. Happn

You leave your house, cross different people on your way to work or university. Right? Then why look up for anyone else instead catch up with the one whom you cross on a daily basis. Sound exciting?

Let's make it happen with happn.

Happn is an online dating site with a different concept wherein every time you cross path with a happn member in real life; their profile will show up on the timeline.

And what if you want to connect with someone who just crossed your path? You can check their profile anytime on happn and connect with them.

Show interest in someone by not even letting them know just by clicking heart button.

You can even send messages to people, but the good thing is that the people whom you don't like will not be able to send you messages.

#6. Woo

A Desi Indian dating app which lets you connect to Desi people based on interests. Woo recommends people based on your location and interest.

If you both show interest in each other by liking or swiping right then, it's a match, and you will be steered to a chat room.

And if you really like someone and want to connect to them even before getting a match then send a crush, and you will be able to send a direct message.

With WooPlus, you can also see that who visited your profile. Some of the other exciting features are Question Cast, Voice Intro, and Tag Search.

Download it now to find your match and experience the most fantastic and simple user interface.

#7. Twango

Twango is dating and matrimony app for singles. Matches are shown to you on the basis of your interests, and lifestyle. Also, all the profiles are first manually pre-screened and then only verified.

It introduces you to singles living near to your location.

The concept behind Twango is to make people interact on some Question Answers quiz that will make you fall in love with the person you are communicating with.

Instead of just connecting with people online you can even meet them in person.

Whether you are single, divorced, gay, bisexual, and lesbian or transgender it doesn't matter; you can join Twango any time.

#8. Frivil

Frivil is an online dating app which adds thrill and fun to your dating experience.

How does it work? So first you need to have a facebook account because no Facebook means no friviling.

You will be shown two good looking people, and you will be required to choose the one which you find most attractive.

Similarly, your profile also goes for a face off. The more the tap you receive, the more popular you become.

Every evening 9 pm, Frivil works on your popularity and the people who show up in the same league shows up in your inbox as your matches for the day, and then you can easily connect with them by words.

But wait the twist comes in here when all of them will disappear as soon as a new set is dropped to you the next day.

It is available on both android and ios versions so you can download it now and start friviling 😉

#9. Gojive

Gojive is Dating but with a twist. Now, what's the twist?

It is a bit different from regular dating websites because it is a blind online dating site. A portal which offers a unique dating experience to the users.

And the best part about Gojive is that it's not just a place to find true love. Here you can even make friends with whom you can spend some quality time.

As soon as both you and the other person show mutual interest in each other, two of you can specify the preferred date and location.

Your work is done, now it is Gojive that will sponsor your date at a trusted and verified location.

Other fantastic features that it includes are tracking your date. Also, there is a penalty if you don't show up on the location fixed for your date before telling in advance.

It's a trustworthy app so need to worry about its security issues and start using it to experience something good.

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Online dating has become a trend nowadays. If you haven't tried it ever then you can begin your journey of choosing your date online with this list of 7 best dating websites in India.

Happy Dating!!

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