Lord Shiva – 25 mind blowing Facts

"Har Har Mahadev," "Om Namah Shivaya" yes these are some of the chants used by his devotees who worship him. He is the most famous God in Hindu mythology. He, who appeals to every generation people. He is also called as the Lord of destruction. He is the one amongst the "Trimurti." And he is no other than, Lord Shiva.

Sometimes he is depicted as meditating, at times dancing and other times showing his furious side. But he has a tender side too, and that is why he is also called as "Bholenath."

He can be considered as a fashion icon for many because he has broken all the norms of being a Hindu God. He wraps his body with tiger skin and wears a snake around his neck. Also, Lord Shiva is sometimes depicted as smoking ganja.

Want to know some of the interesting and mind-boggling Lord Shiva stories?

Stay with me until the end and lets know about Lord Shiva’s history in detail.

lord shiva

Lord Shiva - 25 mind blowing Facts - Lord shiva stories, history, images and pics

1) Why his vehicle is "Nandi," the Bull?

Surabhi, the mother of all the world's cow, gave birth to a huge number of perfectly white cows.

And one day the milk of these cows flooded the Himalayas where Lord Shiva was meditating. On this, he became furious and showed the wrath of his third eye to the cows.

As the result of which the cows were not able to produce milk anymore and were turned brown. Nandi, the son of Surabhi and Kasyapa, was offered to Lord Shiva to calm him down, which he accepted as his vehicle.

Since then Nandi became the "Vahana of God Shiva," protector of all animals and Lord Shiva's doorkeeper as well.


2) Lord Hanuman the Avatar of Lord Shiva.

Lord Hanuman is the eleventh reincarnation of Lord Shiva. He is popularly known for his devotion towards Lord Rama. Also referred to as "Rudra Avatar," is the reincarnation of Rudra and Shiva.

Hanuman Ji is also called as "Pavan Putra Hanuman" because after long prayers to Lord Shiva, Hanuman's parents were blessed with Hanuman by The Hindu God of Wind, "Vayu" or "Pawan."

hanuman avatar

3) Snake around Lord Shiva's neck

Like me, you must have also thought about this question that, Why there is Snake around Lord Shiva's neck? And what is the name of that snake?

Still not got the answer?

Let's solve this query now.

Snakes represent anger and poison; Lord Shiva wears it around the neck to show how important it is to control and anger. The Snake around his neck symbolizes peace and calmness.

The name of this snake is "Vasuki." And you must have noticed that there are three coils of snake around his neck which represent the past, present and future.

4) Why Shiva use ash to smear his body?

The reason behind this is an interesting tale in itself. One day Shiva saw a Brahmin performing meditation, he so much indulged in it that nothing could stop him. He used to eat only fruits and later he gave up on them and started feeding himself with leaves. Years passed, one day that Brahmin was cutting grass and by chance, he sliced off his middle finger. But to his surprise, instead of blood, sap oozed out from that wound, and so he became proud and was delighted.

Shiva disguised himself as Brahman to teach a lesson to him.

He told Brahmin that he himself had done so much penance that his blood has changed into ashes. Shiva sliced off his finger and ashes or "bhasma" came out of it. To this, Brahmin got surprised and realized the fact that there was nothing to be proud about oozing of sap.

And since then these ashes on Lord Shiva's body symbolizes destruction and permanence. It teaches his devotees the ultimate reality and silliness of getting infatuated with physical beauty. Or in short, you can say "bhasma" represents the end of life.


5) Parvati was not Shiva's first wife.

Whaaat? 😮 We all know about the love between Lord Shiva and Parvati and if now someone tells you that Parvati was not the first wife then who the first one was?

The first wife of God Shiva was Sati, the daughter of Daksh Prajapati. Being very fond of Lord Shiva when she came to know that her father called everyone except him to the grand "yagna," she became infuriated and jumped into the fire. To this Lord Shiva became angry and killed Sati's father.

Then Parvati, also known as Uma, the reincarnation of Sati, through her devotion made Lord Shiva agree to marry her.

first wife not parvati

6) What does Shiva's "Trishul" or Trident symbolize?

The Trishul which Lord Shiva holds in his hand has been given importance in Hindu religion. And the reason for receiving so much attention is that the three prongs in the Trishul mean a lot that you can expect. It signifies:

1) the 3 Trinity; Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

2) the 3 modes of Nature; Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction.

3) the 3 Kaala; The Past, Present, and Future.

4) the 3 Gunaas; Sat, Raj, and Tam.

5) the 3 Lokas; Swarg, Bhu, and Paataal.

6) the 3 Powers; Will, Action, and Wisdom.

7) the 3 Miseries; Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

7) Ravana, the greatest devotee or "bhakt" of Lord Shiva.

One day when Ravana was not allowed to meet Lord Shiva, he excavated the Mount Kailash. To this Lord Shiva became furious and he trapped Ravana under the mountain.

Now to please Shiva, he started singing hymns and playing veena. After few years he was released, and Lord Shiva blessed him with sword "Chandrahas."

8) Offering Ganja to Lord Shiv by his devotees

What the hell, Ganja is offered to Lord Shiv? I mean we have heard that people offer sweets, milk, and oil to please God but never knew Ganja is also included in this same list. And Ganja is an intoxicant then why did Lord Shiva used to consume it?

The story is quite different from the people of the present day smoking Ganja. When immoral takes Ganja, he behaves like a retard and loses control on himself.

He uses abusive languages, and even his actions are also quite offensive. But when a spiritual personality like Lord Shiva consumes it, he enters into an ecstatic world and expresses some of the greatest hidden truths of all times.

And guess now you can relate to that image of Lord Shiva smoking Ganja.

9) The three lines of ash as "Tilak" on Shiva's forehead.

Those three horizontal lines of "Vibhuti" or ash or "Tilak" on Lord Shiva's forehead has always drawn my attention as to what it actually signifies? And I am sure same must be the case with you.

It means the destruction of the three worlds of Hinduism to merge and become one with self.

10) Ganga Flows from long locks of Lord Shiva

Bhagirathi prayed to God Brahma to bring river Ganga to earth so that it could flow over his ancestor's ashes and he could perform the necessary rituals.

On knowing this river, Ganga felt insulted and started flowing arrogantly and turbulently over the earth to wipe all its elements.

To this sight, Bhagirathi prayed Lord Shiva to calm down Ganga, and therefore Shiva trapped Ganga in his locks and let her out in small streams.

It is believed that the touch of the greatest Lord Shiva blessed and glorified river Ganga and since then, she has been known to purify the sinner souls and is considered as the most sacred river.

11) Reason behind his blue throat

The reason behind his blue throat is associated with the Neelkanth story. All the Gods and Demons to get nectar from the bottom of the ocean "Samudra Manthan," started churning it. As a result of which a poison called "Halahala" came out of it which was such a deadly poison that whatever came in its contact got vanished.

To this Lord Shiva came to rescue. He was so daring and powerful that he drank all the poison himself. Parvati, to prevent the flow of poison in his blood, pressed his throat and it turned into blue.

This is the basis that Lord Shiva is also known as "Neelkanth,"

Neel = blue and Kanth = throat.

12) Lord Shiva turned Gods and Goddesses into stones

Lord Shiva with other one crore Gods and Goddesses was moving towards Varanasi. On their way, they decided to take rest at a hill in Unakoti, Tripura. But before that, he asked other Gods and Goddesses to wake him up on time.

However, no one except Shiva woke up the next morning which made him angry and he cursed them to become stones sculptures.

After that, he set his journey towards Kashi all alone.

13) The Third Eye

Since childhood, I have been fascinated about the third eye present on Lord Shiva's forehead. But ever thought that what is the purpose of it?

This 3rd eye is also called as the "Eye of Wisdom." The 3rd eye represents "Fire," which looks beyond the apparent and destroys all the evils.

It also signifies the rejection of desires. Shiva's right and left eye represents his activities in the real world, while the 3rd eye signifies his activities in the spiritual world.

14) The infinite pillar of fire

One day there was some dispute between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu as to who was the real God. To resolve the matter God Shiva appeared as an infinite Linga Fire pillar. Both Brahma and Vishnu decided to find out the limit of the pillar.

Vishnu went in one direction and Brahma in the other. After some time they came back to the same point from where they started.

Vishnu agreed that the pillar was endless, but Brahma lied and said that he was able to find the limits.

This made Lord Shiva angry, and he called Brahma as the liar. He also confined him to appear very little in the spiritual ceremonies. So this is the reason that even today we don't find many poojas to him.

15) The story of Amarnath Cave.

The Amarnath caves are considered as Holiest Shrines in Hinduism. It is located in Jammu & Kashmir, and it is believed that reaching here is a great virtue.

The story began by Parvati asking Lord Shiva the reason for him being immortal. Shiva replied that he is immortal because he knows Amar Katha and who so ever knows that Amar Katha becomes immortal. Parvati forced him to tell that story, to which he refused, but eventually, he got convinced.

He decided to tell the story but in some secret place (Amarnath Caves). On their way to Amarnath, Lord Shiva left Nandi in Pahalgam; he released the moon at the Chandanwari, on the banks of Sheshnag he released his snakes. At Mahagunas Parvat he left his son Ganesha and at Panjtarni, he released the five elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Sky.

After entering the cave, he started telling the Amar Katha to Parvati. But unfortunately she slept in between, and the story was heard by two pigeons. Even today one can spot those pigeons over there as a symbol of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

16) Why Lord Shiva came under the feet of Goddess Kali?

You must have seen those sculptures of Goddess Kali with her feet over Lord Shiva. Honestly saying this one always used to surprise as to what must be the reason this sculpture.

It happened when the world was threatened by the Demons, and their only aim was to take control over the earth.

The leader of these Demons was Raktabija, and also he was granted a boon that with every bit of blood dropped from his body his power will increase by thousands. To this Goddess Durga came into the picture, she tried to take control over the situation, but instead, it became worse. So she acquired the form of Kali.

The battle became dreadful, and Kali turned turbulent. The Gods and Goddesses then approached Lord Shiva to handle the situation.

So he tried to obstruct her by lying down in his path. Seeing Lord Shiva, his husband under her feet she was calm down.

17) The reason behind Ganesha having that elephant face

Ever wondered why Ganesha has that elephant face head?

The reason behind this is that Ganesh was the creation of Goddess Parvati who created him using mud and she breathed life into it.

One day Goddess Parvati asked him to guard while she was taking a bath. And then came God Shiva, whose path was blocked by Ganesha.

Not knowing, that who Ganesha was, he cut off Ganesha's head. When Parvati told Lord Shiva the whole story, he felt sorry and fixed an elephant face on Ganesha and breathed life into him.

18) How Hindu God of Love faced the wrath of Lord Shiva?

When the war was going on between Devas and Tarakasur, Devas approached Shiva for his help, but he was meditating. So they asked

Kamadeva, the Hindu God of Love to pierce Shiva with his love arrows. But something unexpected happened, Shiva woke up with rage and burned Kamadeva into ashes with his 3rd eye.

19) Nataraja avatar of Lord Shiva

One day Apasmara - the symbol of ignorance and epilepsy, challenged Lord Shiva. On this Lord Shiva became furious and he took the avatar of Nataraja and performed the famous dance of destruction called – Lord Mahadev Tandav and crushed Apasmara under his foot.

But to preserve knowledge in the universe, he should not be killed. Also if he would be killed, then it would mean that one can attain knowledge without efforts and hard work.

Therefore Lord Shiva always remain in his Nataraja form suppressing Apasmara for immortality. His eyes were so powerful that the evils used to get afraid of it.

20) Shiva got attracted to Mohini

Mohini was the female avatar of Lord Vishnu. When Lord Vishnu deceived the demons, Shiva asked Vishnu to see Mohini again, and when he revealed his avatar, Shiva got so much fascinated with her, while the abandoned Parvati looked on.

The unfailing seed of Shiva escaped and fell on the ground creating ores of silver and gold. Vishnu then came into his real form and told that "maya," cannot be surpassed even by Shiva. On this, Shiva praised Vishnu's power.

Also from those seeds, Ayyappa was born. Till date Ayyappa is worshiped in many temples as son of Vishnu and Shiva.

21) Shiva's real abode is not Mount Kailash

If somebody asks you about the actual abode of Lord Shiva, without giving a minute, you will answer, Mount Kailash. Right?

But what if I tell you that this is not the truth.

Yes, Shiva's abode is situated in Manomaya, which is at the boundary of the universe.

Also, it is believed that when Lord Shiva is meditating, then he is residing at Manomaya.

22) Shiva’s androgynous form

Lord Brahma created all the male beings and asked them to regenerate. But however, most of them were unable to do so. So Brahma went to Lord Shiva for help.

Shiva appeared in Ardhanarishvara form which means (half male and half female). Brahma appealed to the female half of Shiva to continue the process of regeneration, the goddess agreed and created several females from her bodies.

This Ardhanarishvara was the androgynous form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, which signifies the unity of the opposites.

This tells us that one should always the better half, just the way Shiva did.

23) Crescent Shape moon on Shiva's forehead

Lord Shiva is always seen with a crescent shaped moon on his forehead. But why does he wear that strange ornament on his head?

The story behind this is quite fascinating. Daksha Prajapati, the son of Lord Brahma, had 27 stars as his daughters and all of them were married to the moon. But the moon was attracted only towards one of the daughters named Rohini. To this, the remaining of them complained to Daksha that the moon is not treating them equally.

This made Daksha angry, and he cursed the moon that he will lose his shine day by day and the same happened.

So it took shelter in the ocean, but this resulted in an alarming situation because without the moon the balance of nature got disturbed.

Then Lord Shiva came to the rescue, and the moon took refuge in his long matted locks. Now it used to shine for 15days and wane for another 15 days, and this is the only reason that we seed full moon and half moon.

24) Lord Shiva tested Parvati

Very few of us know that before accepting Parvati as his wife, Lord Shiva thoroughly tested her devotion.

He appeared as Brahmin in front of Parvati and told her that how she would feel on marrying a lord who lives like a beggar and had nothing.

Want to know what was Parvati's reaction to this?

She got outraged and told him with anger that she would marry no one except Lord Shiva.

He got impressed with her answer and revealed his true form and agreed to marry her.

25) Sudarshan Chakra in the hand of Lord Vishnu

Ever noticed that chakra in the hands of Vishnu?

It was offered by Lord Shiva to him. Once Lord Vishnu was meditating Shiva's sahasranama to please Lord, he also used thousands of lotus flowers to please him on each nama.

Lord Shiva noticed him and wanted to test his devotion. So he took one of the flowers from those thousands flower.

At the last nama that is at the thousandth time, Vishnu got surprised because he was left with no flower. But as a solution to this problem, he took out one of his eyes and offered it to the Lord.

Shiva being impressed by the intensity of devotion presented Vishnu with Sudarshan Chakra.

Honestly speaking I got goosebumps after knowing all these stories, and now I have become a much more dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva. It is true that after knowing about Lord Shiva stories we have top to learn various lessons.

But as we know that Hindu mythology has always been in debates, so no one knows that these stories are true or not.

Keep praising him and chant "Om Namah Shivaya."

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